aimClear® Community Management Master Class

aimClear Community Management Master ClassBusinesses use social media to connect with prospects, convert prospects into customers, and perform customer service. That makes how you manage your online community critical to your success.

aimClear® Community Management Master Class (a.k.a. CMMC) provides a comprehensive and actionable guide to everything you need to know about managing your corporate presence in social media.

Attend this workshop, and you will:

  • Gain tremendous tactical insight as to how social media really works as a distribution system for direct response and killer content promotion.
  • Learn to identify and connect with tightly-targeted audiences across a multitude of hot social platforms.
  • Discover how to maximize sales and project results.
  • Feel confident charging into any marketplace and dominating it with amazing content.
  • Master social content distribution through paid and earned channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.
  • Learn how to connect social media to your SEO and PPC efforts.

Packed with tools, tips and tactics, this workshop takes a seriously deep dive into what it means to manage your community effectively and achieve your marketing goals!

Who Should Attend

CMMC is for cutting-edge marketers who are responsible for any element of a brand’s online presence, including social profile management and maintenance (i.e. tweeting, Facebook posting, pinning and so on), paid social campaign management, or overall online reputation monitoring. This includes, but most definitely is not limited to:

  • Community managers working in-house or for an agency.
  • New social media marketers looking to learn the basics and move to the next level.
  • Advanced social marketers seeking to expand their knowledge and obtain a significant edge on competitors.
  • SEOs looking to optimize their organic search results by understanding social media signals.
  • Paid advertising managers wanting to explore social media advertising options.

This workshop delivers content that will transform your thinking about social media marketing, whether you’re an advanced power social monster or just starting out.

Invest One Day, Enhance Your Community Management Skills Forever

Hungry for a closer look at our workshop agenda? Here is what you’ll take away from our Community Management Master Class:

Part 1: Introduction to Community Management lays the groundwork for this full-day workshop. Managing an online community is a fascinating fusion of roles, previously assigned to multiple areas of agencies and in-house departments. This session defines the responsibilities and objectives of community management, tackling everything from determining brand voice to understanding social ROI.

Part 2: Timeless Tenets of Non-Gratuitous Social Behavior focuses on best practices to engage with your brand’s community through various social media channels. We’ll share tips on encouraging conversations, as well as when (and how) to promote your brand. And we’ll discuss actions you should avoid to prevent angering your friends/fans/followers, not to mention the channel natives? This session offers basic behavioral advice on how you should act in social media.

Part 3: Hit The Ground Running explores the business nature of social media and how to create a scope of work (SOW) and budget requests, building on the basics you learned in Part 1. We’ll explore the terminology to use to successfully sell social media to the boss. And we’ll take a close look at the social media channels discussed in the SOW.

Part 4: Content, Reputation and Hard Core Listening Hacks looks at one of the pillars of community management: content. Everything that publishers publish and users generate is content. In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage your community’s content for the purpose of reputation monitoring, sharing and creating your own content.

Part 5: Finding, Sharing & Engaging In Themed Conversations digs deep into the importance of sharing, and how to find content to share with your community. It also delves into choosing appropriate users to befriend and conversations to participate in, offers best-content-on-the-block sharing tips, and how it can amplify SEO efforts.

Part 6: Dominate Distribution With Paid Tactics dissects the paid side of earned social channels. In this session, you’ll learn how social channels limit what those outside your community can see – and how you can combat that. We’ll also examine ways to dramatically improve organic distribution of content to your existing fans and followers. You’ll leave this session loaded with best practices and tactics that will take your distribution to the next level.

Part 7: Community Crisis Management is your go-to guide for successfully navigating the rough seas of social media. Unfortunately, the same community you’ve cultivated and cared for can sometimes turn against your brand or each other. In this session, we’ll dissect social media crisis management from the top down. We kick off with tips for establishing a crisis protocol and implementing house rules for branded social spaces, move swiftly into best practices for kicking people out of your community, and wrap it up with tips for maintaining a cool head and a steady blood pressure. You’ll walk away armed with the right tools and knowledge to face any social media conflict, tiff or red-level disaster.

Part 8: Measuring Success! State of the Art Social Metrics explores the plethora of social analytic tools available on the web. There are numerous solutions that attempt to lend ordered metrics to the social media chaos. This session highlights a select few analytics tools that have a proven track record.

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About the Presenters

Marty Weintraub
Marty Weintraub

Marty Weintraub is founder and evangelist of aimClear®, an Inc. 500-honored search and social marketing agency. Client credits include Intel, Siemens, Tektronix, Victaulic, Freshbooks, BudgetDirect, Tektronix, United Health Group, Ning, SecondLife, and other iconic global brands. aimClear has managed social ad campaigns generating trillions of impressions, and was named a top workplace place in Minnesota by Minnesota Business Magazine.

Marty’s Wiley/Sybex book, “Killer Facebook Ads,” was critically acclaimed. His second Wiley book, “The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success,” is slated for release in January, 2013.

Marty has written extensively for respected Internet marketing publications and is a frequent speaker at internet marketing conferences.

Lauren Litwinka
Lauren Litwinka

Lauren Litwinka is an Online Marketing Account Manager and Publications Manager at aimClear. Her areas of expertise include cradle-to-grave community management, killer search and social ad writing, online journalism, holistic social befriending, as well as content aggregation, creation, and strategic syndication.

After purchasing a lot of hardcore winter-weather gear, Lauren moved from New York City to Duluth, Minnesota, to join aimClear in 2009. Intensive work with multi-national clients in search, social, paid, and organic has inspired Lauren to compile and publish case studies and in-depth tutorials on aimClear Blog and other trade publications.

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