Search Marketing Expo – SMX Advanced 2014 Exhibitor & Sponsor Opportunities

Reach the most influential audience in search marketing by exhibiting and sponsoring Search Marketing Expo – SMX Advanced Seattle, June 10-11, 2014 in Seattle, WA.

Since its introduction in 2007, SMX Advanced has been greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm by the search marketing community. The conference annually sells out, typically well over a moth before the event takes place.

Here is what the 2013 attendees have told us about themselves:

  • 52% work as in-house marketers, 30% work at SEM or full-service agencies
  • 82% are purchase decision makers
  • 86% buy PPC/internet advertising; 1 in 2 spends more than $1 million annually
  • 50% are in-market prospects, planning to buy a wide variety of marketing software/services

The SMX Marketplace Difference


Facilitating engagement with our audience and ensuring your success is our top priority at SMX. We offer these beyond-the-booth programs and opportunities:

  • Plus Sessions are integrated programs that combine extensive audience development activities (online, e-mail, PR) with a vendor-produced session embedded in the conference program. These features enable your company to build awareness that prepares the SMX audience to receive your message, delivers that message to attendees at the conference, and measures the results by capturing the names of attendees for follow up.
  • Matchmaking@SMX puts the demand-generation power of the conference to work for you from the day you commit to SMX until the conference ends. Based upon purchase intent information we collect during the registration process, we connect you with registrants who have confirmed that they are interested in an introduction to your company. From there it’s up to you how to follow up with the lead – set up a pre-conference call, schedule an on-site meeting at SMX – maybe even an in-person sales call before the conference. The program is double-opt in, measurable, and free to all SMX exhibitors/sponsors.
  • Solution Spotlights allow you to reach your target audience by introducing a conference session on a topic matching your product or service. Deliver a 2-minute pre-session elevator pitch and invite attendees back to your booth for follow up.
  • Universal Lead Capture. Lead generation is a critical component of the value of exhibiting at SMX events. All exhibiting companies with get a lead retrieval device – free – as part of their sponsorship/expo package.
  • SMX Cash Back, an exclusive loyalty program that rewards your company for selling conference tickets. You earn 15% of the value of all tickets sold toward exhibiting at a future SMX conference. The more tickets you sell, the more Cash Back you earn! Cash Back credits are good for exhibit/sponsor items only and must be redeemed within 18 months from when they are earned. Company employee registrations do not earn Cash Back credit.
  • SMX Social Media Outreach. Get your brand and your message in front of over 48,000 followers and fans of Search Marketing Expo before, during and after the conference. The SMX Social Media Outreach program distributes multiple messages on your behalf to SMX’s Twitter, Facebook and Google+ communities, maximizing your reach to the SMX audience on-site and virtually.

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What SMX Exhibitors & Sponsors say…

"For us the challenge is finding the right qualified people to talk to. That’s why we love SMX so much, the audience here is the sophisticated, the large scale search marketers."

- Matt Lawson, Vice President of Marketing, Marin Software

"Each event that we’ve attended has really improved in the leads and the quality of leads that we’re getting – hence we are coming back. I work with the entire Third Door Media team to really drive our business, drive leads into our business so that we can find new clients to service in search marketing."

- Paul Borselli, Director of Marketing, Covario

"We spend a significant amount of our marketing budget with Third Door. We have a monthly call where the entire team is there, and everyone goes through their portion, which they understand thoroughly and they’ll answer any questions on the spot. They are very transparent. When there are issues they let us know immediately. I love working with these guys."

- Marc Poirier, CMO & Co-Founder, Acquisio

"I have been involved with conferences from the very beginning. SMX has quickly emerged as a leading must-attend event, and one that we have identified as a critical to our emerging industry. This is where the decision makers go for advanced content and timely information."

- Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay, Inc.

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