Seattle, WA: June 2-3, 2015

Bell Harbor Conference Center

Raves for SMX Advanced Seattle

…I wish I had a clone with me. So much great content, speakers, and topics. I must say that the best information gained was during the networking events though; the contacts and conversations have been priceless.

– Zak Nicola, Kaseya

SMX Advanced is what a marketing conference should strive to be. Full of sessions that are led by leaders in the search marketing industry providing attendees with valuable and actionable takeaways. Then add the networking opportunities with peers, the speakers, and after hour events, make SMX Advanced a can’t miss conference.

Timothy Carter, Nimlok Displays

The Search Engine Land Summit was my favorite! I learned loads about future trends and its great to stay ahead on trends. The sessions were good and I came back with a lot of new ideas to implement for our clients and our own business. The takeaways were impressive. It was worth the long trip from India.

Sangeeta Kumar, VP, GMR Web Team

SMX Advanced has consistently been the most valuable conference I attend every year. When I first got into SEO, the amount I learned here was enough to keep me busy for months, now I find that the connections I make save me months of work. There is simply no better way to learn from and meet the best people in digital marketing than to attend SMX.

Jeremy Bencken,

The sessions are packed with great knowledge, tips and insights that you just can’t find in one place on the internet. The accommodations and hospitality always exceeds my expectations.

Adria Brodie, Performance Marketing-SEO,

Working in Search and Online Marketing for over 14 years, SMX Advanced is one of the only conferences I can attend and still walk away from with new learnings and actionable takeaways.

Jody Resnick, President & CEO, Trighton Interactive

SMX Advanced was filled with incredibly experienced and friendly digital marketers which led many valuable networking opportunities, including great conversations with attendees and vendors about the latest trends in search, marketing and analytics industries. Moreover, the speakers and SMX staff were some of the most helpful and gracious people with whom I’ve had the opportunity to work at a conference.

Thomas Ciszek, Co-founder & Product VP, Cojoin

SMX Advanced was the most worthwhile conference I have been to. Between the value I obtained from hands on sessions to the amazing networking opportunities, every minute spent was worth its weight in gold. I hope I can carry on attending SMX Advanced for many years to come and continue obtaining high caliber search marketing insight.

Jonathan Hurst-Sneh, Digital Marketing Manager, GlynnDevins Advertising & Marketing

SMX Advanced is consistently one of the highest caliber marketing conferences. I never fail to leave with more actionable take-aways than time to implement. Worth its weight in gold!

Kristy Bolsinger, Ant’s Eye View

I love attending SMX Advanced. The speakers and sessions always leave me with great ideas and invaluable takeaways to bring home. On top of that, the networking opportunities are priceless. Everyone is super approachable, and you never know when just saying “hi” to someone will balloon into an amazing Search Marketing conversation. More often then not at Advanced, it does!

Kiko Correa, Mindbody, Inc.

SMX Advanced is the most informative and accessible search marketing event I’ve attended…ever. Danny and team put on an awesome event at a great venue that the SEO community has come to rely on every year. Everything from the speakers to the networking opportunities (even the food!) is top notch.

Andrew Lipstein, Thomson Reuters

SMX Advanced is what conferences should be. My goal for conferences is to leave every session with at least two “must do” actions, and SMX Advanced doesn’t disappoint. Sessions were both informative and actionable. And the bright, like-minded people you’ll meet at SMX Advanced take the experience from just a conference to an amazing networking event. There’s nearly as much to learn in the evenings as there is during the sessions.

Rachael Gerson, SEER Interactive

This was by far the best conference I have been to. I enjoyed not having to go through the basics of SEO and Social Media. It allowed for a lot more in-depth learning and even threw some things out that I had to look up!

Ellen Wright, LA-CO Industries, Inc.

SMX Advanced 2011 was extremely organized, held in a great venue and was jam packed with valuable takeaways and networking opportunities for both seasoned SEOs and newbies!

Alison Johnson, Carlson Marketing

Thank you again for another year that has given me a list of action items, a brain full of ideas and a heart filled with motivation to achieve the best SEO practices.

John Zarate, Veeco Instruments, Inc.

Overall I love the sessions, some really interesting topics and ideas being shared. Great access to all of the data from the website.

Emma Cockburn, Resultrix

The amount of information and actionable ideas that you take away is outstanding…

– Bert Adam, Sierra Trading Post

SMX Advanced is different. For the first time in more than 3 years, I’ve actually attended sessions because I felt they were interesting and I could learn something. It’s a wonderful feeling. I’m a natural student by nature, and I love learning new things.

Ian McAnerin, Founder & CEO, McAnerin International, Inc.

I met lots of people and heard several amazing speakers that were far more knowledgeable than I am in their areas of expertise. At a small conference like this, you get to rub elbows with some of the brightest minds on the planet, and pick their brains.

Scott Hendison, CEO, Search Commander Inc.

I loved the experience, the whole conference and Seattle. I think it was intimate (it was easy to chat with the SEO stars), useful and tons of fun…Overall, I had a great time and came out feeling like I was in sync with the rest of the industry. It set me back in the right ‘SEO’ direction.

Anne-Marie Castonguay, Luxury Retreats International

Great conference, definitely the best we’ve been to. The Q&A portion of each session alone made it worth it. It was energizing.

Lynne Polischuik, Inc

SMX Advanced was a resourceful and engaging conference consisting of intelligent speakers and an intelligent crowd.

Julie Sun, MTV

SMX Advanced was great! Absolutely the best event I have ever attended.

Adam Killam, Research Capital

This conference was great – more information and insight into SEO & PPC given in 2 days versus the other 4 day conferences.

Jennifer Doerschuk, The Karcher Group

Really enjoyed the sessions, very informative.

Emma Cockburn, AvenueA – Razorfish

This was my first time attending SMX. I thought it was a great way to meet new people with the same interests and listen to amazing keynote speakers. I look forward to SMX 2011. I’M HOOKED!

Chris Rosser, Moneytree, Inc.

We had a great time – all of the events were fantastic and we learned a ton. The Birds of a Feather lunches were a great idea to get like-minded people together, not only to connect but to share ideas, network, help each other out, etc.

Stacy Kowalchuk, Trupanion

…the best networking opportunities with leading experts all in one place.

David Reynolds, Reed Business Information

The amount of information and actionable ideas that you take away is outstanding and will hopefully make our company that much better.

Bert Adam, Sierra Trading Post

I’m actually a little overwhelmed because I learned so many tactics I want to apply to our business. It was great to be around other SEO, SEM professionals like myself and brainstorm with them.

Elesha Soldan, Buyseasons, Inc

Loved the show, though I wish there was more of me as I wanted to view multiple tracks that were going on at the same time.

TJ Szymczak, YPM, Inc.

SMX Advanced is the show for folks interested in more than just basic industry information and expertise.

Brian Ussery, Search Discovery Inc

Nice to pick up new tips and tricks as well as reassurance that I’m on the right track with a strong foundation. Invaluable for anyone who is serious about Search Marketing.

Andrew Wong, Inflection

One of the best conferences I have attended (I attended many) and my third year for SMX Advanced. I value the advanced tracks with more advanced colleagues to network and learn from.

Shannon Yelland, activestate

…the networking and socializing with my peer community is more than beyond invaluable to me… It’s downright priceless!

Alan Bleiweiss, Search Marketing Wisdom

SMX Advanced is “the” conference of the year I suggest when I am asked the question: “What is the one conference you recommend I go to?” and I am ALWAYS asked the question. The networking opportunities, quality of speakers and information given is second to none.

Matt Siltala, Dream Systems Media

I love SMX – it should a priority event for any online marketing company!

Scott Fish, EngineWorks

This was my first SMX show, and needless to say I’m hooked. I can’t get enough, I have turned into a Search Junkie!!

Ryan Everhart, Omni Imaging LLC

…was extremely organized, held in a great venue and was jam packed with valuable takeaways and networking opportunities for both seasoned SEOs and newbies!

Alison Johnson, Carlson Marketing Post


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