Corey Morris
SEO Strategist

Corey has nearly 7 years of digital marketing experience. His analytical and competitive abilities make him a natural at leading local and national brands to success in the search field. His ability to build sustainable ongoing strategies has resulted in numerous brands receiving staggering results and increased ROI. Corey serves as a key thought-leader for technology teams, agencies and his clients.

Out of a personal passion of continual learning and growth, Corey enjoys helping others who also want to learn. Whether presenting to industry colleagues, clients, individuals, and college students, he is comfortable and positive in all environments. A current personal goal for Corey in 2012 is to continue increased engagement with the search community through interaction at the major shows. 2011 was a successful year for engagement and involvement, and he looks to take the next steps in 2012.

Presently, Corey directs all things SEO and local search for emfluence – a full service digital marketing agency based in Kansas City, MO. This role fulfills the desire to continually learn and grow and he has been a part of the emfluence team since 2005.

With a host of local, regional, and national brands as clients, emfluence has provided Corey with a diverse set of experiences. emfluence’s roots run back as far as 1999 when it was the fastest growing division of a full service advertising agency. In 2003, emfluence gained its own identity and became its own legal entity. Since that time, emfluence has provided interactive marketing services for numerous agencies and direct clients across almost every industry segment.