Bryant Garvin
Dr House of PPC
Bryant Garvin Consulting

Bryant Garvin has been involved with marketing for over 14 years and specifically PPC & Performance Marketing for over 8 years. Bryant started in paid search helping advertisers as part of the Lycos Search team (back when Lycos still had search traffic). He has worked in-house, done PPC Audits & acted as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies and household brands through the years.

He’s seen the ugly side of the industry, & the way many agencies manage PPC. He knew that PPC Marketers deserved more integrity, competence, & brutal honesty. He now focuses on Paid Search Audits & Paid Media Consulting.

Bryant has also developed a first of it’s kind Paid Media Liaison Consultancy, where he works with in-house Paid Media teams as an intermediary between them & their Agencies. He helps ensure complete honesty & transparency on the part of the agency, as well as enforces the expertise of the paid media team with executives.

When he isn't helping companies improve their bottom-line he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, & watching awesome movies.