Aaron Levy
PPC Team Lead
SEER Interactive

I've been in digital advertising in some form or another since my Junior year of college when I had an internship at a Fortune 500 chemical company. Once there, I was "given the keys to dad's car," and was in charge of roughly $40k in monthly spend as a college kid. Rough introduction to the field to say the least! From there, I took my talents to TrueAction, a now-eBay owned e-commerce focused agency in the Philadelphia suburbs. There I honed my talents in search, while developing cross channel capabilities in email, affiliate and media buying/re-targeting. I got to work on some fantastic circus brands (Nickelodeon, HBO, kate spade, Flavia), before I left for SEER Interactive. I've been at SEER since January 2010, and have worn a number of hats over the years. I worked as an account manager, as a the manager of our support team and as a team leader before "settling" in my current role. Currently, I serve as the Director of the PPC department, overseeing more than a dozen employees and about 35 clients. To ensure my skills stay sharp and I'm on top of the game, I still serve as account manager for a few higher spending clients.