Bastian Grimm
Managing Partner
Grimm Digital

Bastian Grimm is founder and managing partner of Grimm Digital. Having a background in software development, nowadays he works as online marketing consultant with a strong focus on SEO. With his company, he specializes in international SEO strategy- & management consulting as well as online marketing trainings and workshops. Grimm also co-runs Ads2people, a full-service performance marketing agency based in Berlin, Germany where he heads the SEO department as the VP of Search.

Another area of Bastian's expertise is everything in and around the worlds most famous blogging platform WordPress; that said Grimm runs BLUE fountain, a company consulting in WordPress optimization, security as well as doing customized developments. Prior to running his own companies, Bastian set up and trained in-house SEO teams for brands like Fox Mobile Group and oversaw their SEO activities in 25+ countries and for 100+ websites.