Lauryan Feijen
Online Advertising Strategist

In 2009 I joined the wonderful world of PPC at a dutch agency focused at SME businesses. At the time I was figuring out my way in the digital marketing world in mainly PPC, although I also did some quick SEO scans and the occasional Analytics implementation. After a year I was asked to join one of the biggest agency's in the Netherlands.

I was quick to react, as this meant working for bigger, international, brands, with bigger budgets and more challenging targets. Within this company (that was acquired by iProspect in 2012) I developed myself from PPC consultant into Sr. PPC consultant and eventually Online Advertising Strategist.

As an Online Advertising Strategist (aka Product Specialist) I'm responsible for the quality of the entire PPC department. I'm also the facilitator and stimulator in knowledge development within the team. \'m also asked on a regular basis to review cases and have in depth interviews with candidates for our PPC vacancies.