Jonah Stein

Jonah Stein is the founder of, an online marketing agency that specializes in ROI driven SEO and SEM initiatives. It's the ROI (stupid) recognized that all marketing efforts need to produce return on investment. This simple philosophy focuses clients on conversion, an event that takes place at the intersection of search intent, content and user experience.

During the first wave of internet business expansion, Jonah was a web consultant and partner in, serving as the account manager and conceptual lead for all of clients, ranging from venture funded startups to a division of Fortune 100 companies. In an era when venture capitalists were pouring money like chum into the feeding frenzy of the dotcom boom, adventmedia built functional websites with clear revenue models and measurable ROI from concept to completion.

As the bubble burst in 2001, Jonah joined one of his most profitable clients, PsPrint, where he and spent the next five years as the Director of Online Marketing and Business Development. During his tenure, the company grew from $3 million in revenue in 2001 to $25 million in 2006 and was named by San Francisco Magazine as one of the 50 fastest growing companies three consecutive years. After leaving PsPrint, he became the managing director of Alchemist Media a San Francisco based SEO consulting firm. In March, 2008 he parted company with Alchemist to form ItsTheROI inc.