Do Good; Have Fun! Attend SMX After Dark and Help Find a Cure for Breast Cancer

August 24, 2011 by Kendra Jaros

“Search for the Cure” is the theme for SMX After Dark, our after-hours networking event at SMX East. After Dark will be a great time, and with your help, we’ll raise a boat load of money to fight breast cancer!

Here’s how it works. You donate $50 through our online system, and we forward all of the money to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer research foundation. This donation magic is possible because the good people at Covario are sponsoring “Search for the Cure”, and paying for your drinks, snacks and entertainment.

What are you waiting for?! Sign up now!

Thanks to all of you who are already attending. We’ve raised nearly $3000 so far. And we’re just getting started!

Need more convincing? Here are 6 reasons to sign up now:

6) You get to meet others at SMX in a purely social situation. It’s OK to talk shop, and just as OK not to!

5) Open bar and snacks. Really! You won’t need to open up that wallet all night.

4) In the unlikley event you have too much fun and wake up with a hangover, you’ll feel great for having supported breast cancer research.

3) It’s at Mars 2112! Don’t miss this chance to check out this must-see New York tourist destination.

2) Impress your new SMX friends showing off your finely honed videogame/pinball/air hockey skills in the Mars 2112 arcade. Open all night; no quarters necessary.

1) Few of our families aren’t touched by breast cancer. We need a cure!

SMX After Dark is the best bargain in Manhattan nightlife! And, every penny you donate will fund breast cancer research! Please, register now!

Join us Wednesday, September 14 at 9pm at Mars 2112, 1633 Broadway at 51st Street, just a couple blocks from the Sheraton New York.

SMX After Dark is open to SMX East pass holders AND the public. If you still need to register for SMX East, you can sign up for After Dark at the same time.

Thanks again to Russ, Craig, Paul and the entire Covario team for their generous support of SMX After Dark! Thanks too to IM Charity Party and Internet Marketers of New York, who are supporting this effort!

PS: Want to help more? Donate a prize for the SMX After Dark raffle. Contact me if you can help out!