Expert Level Local SEO Tactics – Attend Local University Advanced

May 8, 2012 by Kendra Jaros

This post was authored by David Mihm, one of the workshop leaders for Local University Advanced, which is being held after SMX Advanced on June 7th in Seattle.

SMX Advanced has always been one of my favorite events in our industry. The first one even had the distinction, if you could actually call it that, of being the subject of one of my very first blog posts all the way back in 2007. Looking back on that post, it is amazing how many great friends I met at that single event, and how many of the takeways from the panelists whose sessions I attended still hold true five years later!

For those of us on the Local University faculty who are “all Local, all the time”, if there is one thing I’d change about SMX Advanced, it would be an increased focus on local SEO. So it’s truly an honor to be partnering with SMX on a deep-dive workshop in Seattle this year, on the area of search that is nearest and dearest to our hearts. I hope you’ll be able to join us on June 7th for Local University Advanced!

I won’t rehash the entire agenda here, but I will highlight a couple things that I think will make this event a great one:

Networking with the Experts
We all love talking with colleagues on blogs and on Twitter, but as things go more and more digital, face-to-face relationships just seem to become that much more important. I hope that our workshop gives attendees the same intimate networking that I have always appreciated at SMX Advanced, but even more specific to the Local community.

Direct Q&A with Google’s Joel Headley and Bing’s Ginny Sandhu
Both of the major search engines are starting to make a concerted effort to reach out to Local marketers, and we’re really excited to have both of them here. There’s no substitute for firsthand insight about where the two major players are headed in this space.

SMB-relevant Content
The nature of typical SEO conferences (and agencies) is to focus on the larger clients – the ones that can afford an agency retainer of $10,000 a month or more. But many of us in the space work with businesses for whom $10,000 would represent a full year’s, or even two years’ budget, for their online marketing. At Local U Advanced, you can learn from some of the top small-business focused agency owners in the country how to scale Local Search practices that are both effective and affordable for small business clients.

Big-brand-relevant Content
For years, I think “Local” and “Small Business” were seen as almost interchangeable terms, but recently big brands (and the agencies that serve them), have started to recognize the importance of Local. But, we know that best-practice tactics for SMBs aren’t always realistically achievable for big brands. Thanks to our split-track afternoon session, those of you from big brands will be able to focus on where your strengths are. We’re going to have some fantastic in-house presenters (Jon Colman from REI and Conrad Saam from UrbanSpoon) to bring home some real-world case studies you can implement at your own companies.

Comprehensive Tactics
We welcome all-comers to Local U and our goal is to leave every attendee with a comprehensive roadmap for success in Local Search, no matter what the size of your company is. Even if you’re brand new – or relatively new – to Local, Mike Blumenthal and I are going to tag-team on an intro presentation that will get you up to speed with how this space differs from (and overlaps with) traditional SEO, and give you a foundation you can build on to understand and interpret all of the sessions later in the day.

Already have your All Access ticket? Email or call (877) 242-5242 to add Local University Advanced to your program. Or you can register for just a Workshop pass online at

Hope to see you in Seattle on June 7!