Boost Your Global Campaign Performance – Attend ISS@SMX Advanced on June 7

May 9, 2012 by Kendra Jaros

This post was authored by the programming team of International Search Summit, which is taking place after SMX Advanced on June 7 in Seattle.

You might be thinking “why attend a workshop on international search? I know SEO, I know PPC – so I’ll just take what I’ve done with those in the US and replicate that around the world.”

And that is one strategy. But it won’t get you very far.

While many of the same principles still apply, there are a whole new set of factors that are non-existent in domestic campaigns but are game changers in international. The International Search Summit is the place where these are discussed, developed and explained – and where specific international search challenges can be shared and solutions found. ISS takes place on June 7th, following SMX Advanced in Seattle.

Program Highlights

The Search Engines – Yandex and Google
Google is clearly a key player in international, but the search giant has specific rules and mark-ups for correctly geo-targeting your content to make sure it gets seen. And you also need to pay attention to country-based search engines like Russia’s Yandex, or risk missing out on a large percentage of your audience (in the case of Yandex, 60% of Russian users!) Join us for this must-attend session for tips directly from the search engines themselves.

The International In-House Experts – Logitech/Port 51
What better way to get insight into successful international strategies and tactics than from people on the ground using them? At ISS, we’ll have case studies from Logitech and Port51, who will share successful strategies and techniques for rolling out multilingual SEO and PPC campaigns across the globe.

International Search Checklist
Before you can get started, you need to understand the fundamentals of international search marketing. We look at the key issues and challenges to consider when going global and present a must-have checklist that all multinational marketers need when developing new campaigns.

Breakout Groups
We won’t just talk at you all day. As well as opportunities for Q&A with all the speakers, we’ll lead breakout discussion groups to give you the chance to ask the questions affecting your global efforts, share experiences – both good and bad – and hear new perspectives on international challenges.

The International Search Summit is designed for international marketers. This is your only opportunity to attend sessions specifically focused on multinational campaigns and hear from expert speakers in the field.

Expanding beyond the US offers huge potential for growth – but only if it’s done right! Failing to prepare and understand the markets and audiences you’re targeting and you’ll miss those exciting opportunities going global can offer! Join us at the International Search Summit and take your international search campaigns to new heights.

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