Smart SEOs Never Stop Learning: SEO Workshop for Advanced SEOs

May 11, 2012 by Kendra Jaros

This post was authored by the Bruce Clay SEO Training team. This workshop takes place after SMX Advanced in Seattle on June 7th.

SEO is exactly the same from month to month, just like page 1 of your money keyword. Right?

You couldn’t be more wrong.

Google is launching lists of search updates at us faster than spam-seeking missiles. That leaves us in a dizzying cycle, evaluating new opportunities for optimization and enhancement.

Your SEO strategy includes sitelinks and sub-sitelinks. You’re using markup language to enhance your SERP listing. And it goes without saying that you’ve mined your backlink profile to identify link pruning targets to protect against Penguin penalties.

Or, maybe you’ve been in the game long enough to know that you can never know enough or implement new SEO initiatives fast enough to get comfortable at the top.

No matter what your strategy or place in the search marketing world, you will always stand to benefit from tools that offer competitive intelligence, unearth actionable data, and automate resource-intensive analysis. You will always require the freshest information about search feature updates, adjustments to Google’s ranking algorithms and indexing and expanding spam detection capabilities. And if you can get it, you’ll jump at the opportunity for consulting time with an SEO veteran who has tried and witnessed the effect of nearly every conceivable optimization practice.

That’s why you attend conferences like SMX. And that’s why, despite your advanced tenure and extensive experience, you sign up for Bruce Clay’s SEO workshop. Because you take advantage of opportunities to talk to other experts on the front lines and to flesh out ideas for new approaches to SEO and an enriched marketing mix.

That’s what an expert looks like.

Here’s what one Internet marketer recently said about her time with Bruce:

“After just a few days, I returned with knowledge and real, usable information that helped improve our web traffic within a week. Thanks to the SEOToolSet training, and the ToolSet software, I’m being called an SEO ‘goddess’ by my manager. Bruce taught the class in very interesting way that made me excited to learn more. And now I have the right understanding of advanced SEO concepts so that I can manage all our online marketing resources more effectively!”

At the SEO Workshop at SMX Advanced you’ll:

  • Spend 8 intimate hours with Bruce and other engaged SEOs exploring the latest news and tactics for Google and other search engines.
  • Examine your site’s susceptibility to Google’s Panda algorithm update rewarding quality content and Google’s Penguin update penalizing excessive manipulation tactics.
  • Design a solid site foundation using theme-based architecture and on-site optimization practices that protect a site from fluctuations due to algorithm chasing.
  • Understand Google’s vision for the future of search to gain a competitive advantage. For instance, by incorporating microformats and Google+ social campaigns into your search marketing strategy, your site will stand out in the SERPs.

Search changes from day to day, but if there’s one no-fail SEO action to take it’s never turn down the opportunity to learn, grow and iterate. See you in Seattle.

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Slide from Bruce Clay's SEO Workshop: The inbound link footprint on an online expert; experts associate with other experts.