Blow Me Away Blogging

October 31, 2012 by Chris Sherman

SMX Social Media Marketing has a number of panels focusing on specific tactics and techniques for effectively leveraging Twitter, Facebook and other social channels. But all successful marketers know that maintaining an effective blog remains a cornerstone that can significantly enhance your social presence, and speakers on the Blow Me Away Blogging session promise to share the approaches they’ve developed to get the social universe excited and promoting your content, products or services on your behalf.

Jennifer Evans Cario, President of SugarSpun Marketing, has been blogging virtually since the concept was invented, and she’s going to amplify on the idea of the blog as the “social media home base,” offering strong guidelines for how to use it to tie together an integrated social media approach.

Mike Arnesen, Senior SEO Analyst at SwellPath, will discuss how successful blogging can be used for branding, traffic/lead generation and expertise building – and impressing senior management and clients. He’ll also talk about educating your writers about the importance of having a consistent and genuine voice to make it easier for your fans and followers to tell and re-tell “your” story.

As powerful as blogging can be, it also takes a lot of work and often many people contribute to the process. Sarah Evans, Chief Evangelist, Tracky

will discuss “the less sexy” side of workflow through open social collaboration, why it’s no longer about content marketing, but content collaboration, and how you can make this transition to the new reality while increasing efficiency and decreasing the number of tools used to accomplish tasks and produce content.

Blogs shouldn’t be viewed as just a necessary marketing expense – they can also be a great driver of sales and profits. Drew Conrad, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Zagg

will offer a case study detailing how his firm directly attributed a significant increase in sales to content and promotions produced on the company blog, and how that very tangible ROI continues to grow through social media efforts.

Blow Me Away Blogging is just one of more than a dozen sessions, in addition to two keynotes, from Twitter and Google. You’ll enjoy great lunches, networking receptions and free internet access in your ARIA guest room and conference session rooms.

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