Oooh-la-la! The In-house Social Marketers’ Dream Agenda at SMX Social Media Marketing – December 5-6 in Las Vegas

November 6, 2012 by Kendra Jaros

This post was authored by Jessica Bowman who created the program for In-house Social Marketing Exchange workshop at SMX Social Media Marketing.

Your theme for 2013 should be about taking social marketing to the next level on many fronts: analytics, messaging, content and a strategy that will meet social media and SEO agendas. Fortunately, there is one event which will help you achieve your goals – SMX Social Media Marketing, taking place December 5-6 in Las Vegas.

This is an in-house marketers’ dream agenda that will give you all the nuggets, tools, case studies and tactics you need to create a 2013 social marketing strategy that will propel your social media results (and SEO rankings).

Pre-Event Workshop Dec 4, 2012: In-house Social Marketing Exchange
This In-house Social Marketing Exchange is a unique in-house only event. Meet your peers at other companies and learn how they overcame your challenges. Learn from Caesar’s Palace and Adobe (among other companies) on what they have done to make social work, in-house. The great thing about this workshop is its open-the-Kimono culture – everyone talks candidly, privately, in great detail, and becomes friends and allies outside of the event. Bring any challenge you face and get answers from other intermediate-to-advanced in-house social marketers who already overcame your challenges.

Pre-Event Mixer Dec 4, 2012: SMX Meet & Greet
Everyone loves a party, and they love it even more when they show up with an entourage. We’ll go together from the In-house Social Marketing Exchange so the networking continues and you aren’t alone at the mixer. This is a great chance to get to know people better and branch out to meet new contacts. What few attendees realize is that the speaker-to-attendee ratio at this event is pretty high, so if you have a stockpiled list of questions this would be a good place bump into the experts.

Dec 5, 2012: Day 1
Day 1 is so well planned you should seriously consider sending two people: the paid aspect of social marketing and the unpaid aspect of social marketing.

If you’re into “earned media” (unpaid social marketing) – there is an entire track dedicated to your needs. You’ll start with how to increase Facebook reach and engagement and then roll into Twitter, followed by the other social sites you shouldn’t overlook. The last session dedicated to earned media is perfect for those wanting to take blogging to the next level (with internet marketing veteran Jennifer Evans Cario). I’ll actually be in this track during Day 1.

If you’re into “paid media” – you also have an entire track of your own. This is why having two people to cover both topics is ideal. As with the “earned media” track, you start with Twitter Ads and move into Facebook. Then, you have a juicy session on customer acquisition through social media. With a number of of in-house marketers on the panel, they will give you an interesting perspective (introduce yourself to them and expand your network of in-house social marketing contacts). The last session for this track is about customer service through social media. This is huge for any company today – how this is handled (or not handled) affects so many things.

Day 1’s last session is an all-attendee keynote from Twitter on what really makes a compelling reason to click. Del Harvey from Twitter will talk about the delicate balance between being promotional and compelling in a way that makes you gain followers.

Want to review the full Day 1 agenda? Click here.

It will be a hectic day, but drum up some extra energy for the Expo Hall Reception. Grab a bevvy or two and talk to people. This is also a great speaker-to-attendee ratio event, so a great chance to follow up with speakers you saw during the day. Check out all of the networking opportunities at SMX Social Media Marketing.

Dec 6, 20112: Day 2
By now you’re in a social marketing whirlwind of ideas, tactics and strategies for maximizing the 2012 holiday season and rolling out a grand plan for 2013. There are two tracks today: Technical and Sales & ROI.

For those who need to demonstrate sales, the Sales & ROI track is for you. You’ll start off with how to make the sale using social e-commerce sites. Any company who sees the 2012 holiday season as peak season, bring lots-o-paper for notes, stay off email and focus, focus, focus. Zappos is on the panel for this one and they are sure to wow you. Next up is a session on how to measure success from your reach to ROI, which should be a great session for the Excel junkies. For the non-Excel junkies, you’ll be in awe, but I’m sure you can figure out the calculations, too.

For those who are in the weeds of day-to-day execution, the Technical Track is for you. It’s not really “technical”, think execution shortcuts for this one. The day starts of with SEO for social media managers who will learn how to integrate search and social efforts. This is going to be a key theme for SEO in 2013, so it’s a great session to get other perspectives on how to make this happen. One of the panelists is a social marketer for Symantec, so another chance to hear from someone in the trenches on how they make this happen. The second session in this track is about the time-saving, cost-cutting tactic of social media automation. We all want shortcuts, and this is where you will learn the good, the bad and the ugly so that you can pick-and-choose the pieces that make sense for you.

Next up are two all-attendee sessions on Google+. If Google+ isn’t yet a priority, these are can’t miss presentations. The first of the two sessions looks at how Google+ differs from other channels, and explores how it impacts social search and SEO rankings. The second session is a keynote conversation on what 2013 holds, presented by Vic Gundotra, who heads up Google’s social media efforts.

Join us in Las Vegas for SMX Social Media Marketing and get the tactics and insight to build your cohesive and holistic, solid, 2013 marketing strategy that will meet the needs of social marketing and boost SEO rankings. Register by this Saturday, November 11 and you can save with early bird rates on all pass offerings. See you in Las Vegas!