Making The Sale Through Social Ecommerce Sites

November 7, 2012 by Chris Sherman

You may have excellent reach and engagement with your customers via social media channels – but are you leveraging social media to actually help move product? Making The Sale Through Social Ecommerce Sites at SMX Social Media Marketing offers specific tactics and success stories for making social media a key component of your sales strategy.

Chris Bennett, CEO/Founder, 97th Floor will focus on Pinterest, the “new kid” that not only drives traffic, but good traffic that converts into users and sales. Selling via Pinterest needs to be subtle, with marketers needing to consider things like image sizes, how to not sell too hard, how to maximize day to day activities in order to maximize profits and build sales through branding and other factors.

Graham Kahr, Social Scientist, Zappos creates helpful tools for their customers around popular social sites. Zappos has created apps like Pin Pointing for Pinterest, Order Share for social ecommerce sharing and much more. Graham will talk about the ideology behind Zappos’ tools and social strategies for helping to make the sale.

Andrew Melchior, Founding Partner, Avalaunch Media, will also discuss the effects of Pinterest on a business, including a case where a brick-and-mortar company’s campaign on Pinterest “forced” them to build out an ecommerce site so they could sell direct online! Andrew will also demonstrate Pinterest-specific competitive intelligence and research, analytics alerts tools.

Vanessa Penagos, Marketing Specialist, 1-800-Pet-Meds will go over just how 1-800-PetMeds turns social media updates into dollars. From capturing email addresses, to giveaways she’ll run through what exactly drives ROI for her firm, and how others can use these actions to garner social media success.

Making The Sale Through Social Ecommerce Sites is just one of more than a dozen sessions, in addition to two keynotes, from Twitter and Google. You’ll enjoy great lunches, networking receptions and free internet access in your ARIA guest room and conference session rooms.

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