Boost Your AdWords Campaign ROI – Intensive Training at SMX Social Media Marketing

November 8, 2012 by Kendra Jaros

This post was authored by Brad Geddes, workshop coordinator for Advanced AdWords @SMX, a pre-conference workshop taking place December 4 in Las Vegas, prior to SMX Social Media Marketing.

Paid search one of the most profitable and consistent ways to gain and maintain traffic and sales for your site. But not all PPC accounts are created equally. A few tweaks to various settings can make a large difference in your overall account profitability.

On Tuesday, December 4th,  there will be a full day workshop on Google AdWords that will focus on not just the basics, but how to make AdWords more profitable for your business. Advanced AdWords Training starts the day before SMX Social Media Marketing.

Here are some highlights on the agenda:

The Psychology of Search: We’ll start the day talking about the search process and a searcher’s goals at each stage of the search process. This information goes by quick, but the theme of seeing how each part of your account sets and creates an expectation for the next stage of the buying process is a theme that will be reviewed throughout the day.

The Buying Funnel: Next, we’ll go through the stages of the considered and buying process. Examining the funnel and how your users travel throughout the funnel will help in keyword organization, ad copy writing, and landing page selection. This is the other theme that will be revisited a few times throughout the day.

Understanding Keywords: Keywords are the lifeblood of PPC. In fact, the industry is sometimes called keyword advertising. This is where we will examine both the high level information surrounding keywords as well as get into the execution stage of choosing match types, managing the long tail, and discussing Google’s new ‘near match’ option.

Ad Creation & Testing: The only part of your account a searcher actually sees is your ad.  Your ad is the connection point between a searcher’s thought process and your website. Crafting ads that both receive clicks and set the proper expectations for your site in order to have higher conversion rates is both an art and a science. We’ll chat about the art behind the creation of ads and how to write ads based upon buying funnel behavior. Once we discuss ads, then we’ll get into the science: testing. We’ll talk about testing, testing metrics (conversion per impression, profit per impression, CTR, etc). As most people are not good at both the creative and the math side of AdWords; I’ll show some tests that you can run yourself so you’ll have takeaways on the creative side.

Quality Score: Quality Score is one the banes of most advertisers. Optimizing it means putting more money in Google’s pocket. Ignoring it means your ads never show. There is a balance to be had. We’ll first cover the basics of what is quality score, how it’s calculated, etc. But then comes the fun part – execution strategies. I’ll do a live Excel walkthrough and show you exactly how to see your overall quality score health, how to find areas of improvement based upon finances, and then how to find areas of improvement based upon pockets of low quality scores. These strategies are useful for accounts with just a few ad groups to those with thousands.

Display Network: I often hear people either disliking display or finding that its not working for them. Personally, I only find 25% of accounts have real problems with display once it is properly understood, organized, and executed. That means 75% of accounts can do well with display. We’ll walk though how Google renders display ads, their options, and more before finalizing the workflow  strategy for managing and growing your display campaigns.

Location Targeting:  Did you know that in many countries there is no Diet Coke? In some countries the word diet does not do well so its called Coke Lite. In Japan you can buy a Diet Beer. Good luck selling a diet beer in Nebraska. It does not matter if you are multi-national, country specific, or serve a single city – understanding how location settings work and diving into proper location targeting can make a huge difference for any business. Ecommerce to local business to lead gen companies can all use location targeting to their advantage – if they know what to look for and how to execute on these campaigns. That’s what we’ll talk about – how the settings work, and then how to execute a proper local campaign.

Increasing Site Conversion Rates: The worst keyword will occasionally get a conversion – search just works. The worst website will never get a conversion. When conversion rates suffer, it could be the AdWords account or the site. In this section, we’ll focus on the site so that you are giving your AdWords traffic the best possible opportunity to convert. We’ll spend some time talking about best practices, testing, site speed, form creation, and more.

Networking: Most of us spend our days with family and friends who have no idea what we do. Conferences and workshops give us an opportunity to meet people who understand our struggles and triumphs. Meet your fellow attendees, exchange tips and stories, and have lunch on us – it’s provided for all workshop attendees.

Q&A:  No workshop is complete without Q&A throughout the day and a nice wrap-up Q&A at the end of the day. As we go throughout the day, you will have amble opportunity to ask questions – this ensures that you get a chance to understand all the concepts so that when you go home and work on your accounts – there are no lingering doubts about how something works – you can just put the advice to work and start increasing the profitability of your AdWords account.

You can see the agenda here: Advanced AdWords Training at SMX Social

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I hope the meet you in Las Vegas at SMX!