SEO For Social Media Managers

November 12, 2012 by Chris Sherman

While the primary focus of SMX Social Media Marketing is on tactics and processes for engaging people, we’re also covering the intersection of search and social, in particular in the SEO For Social Media Managers.

Some pundits claim that linkbait is dead, but Mathew Guiver, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, RelayRides, will offer tactics he used combining both traditional SEO and social media efforts that resulted in thousands of inbound links, reached over a million users via Twitter, and led to organic search traffic increases of over 100% per month.

Like it or not, success today with social media requires a solid understanding of SEO as well. Sarah Lokitis, Social Media Manager, Search Mojo will discuss ways to work with your SEO team to streamline efforts, how to build awareness on why social media is tied into search engine optimization, as well as the ways to most effectively leverage social media to make connections for link building and other crucial SEO efforts.

Further elaborating on how collaboration between the various marketing, technical and PR teams is now essential, Dave Rohrer, Senior SEO Strategist, Covario will present a roadmap for success: Creating a high level plan (hint: make it a partnership), share research and strategy, plan and plan again, execute flawlessly, but measure, evaluate, make changes and repeat the process.

When you’re working in an organization where instant communication, support and reassurance is necessary, your approach to social media needs a deft touch. Travis Wright, Consumer Social Media, (maker of anti-virus solutions, among other products) will offer tips on how to be an early-responder, and the right ways to quickly disseminate help, guidance and other vital info to concerned customers – and make it stick in search resuts.

SEO For Social Media Managers is just one of more than a dozen sessions, in addition to two keynotes, from Twitter and Google. You’ll enjoy great lunches, networking receptions and free internet access in your ARIA guest room and conference session rooms.

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