Live @ SMX West: Big Data & Search Marketing

February 14, 2013 by Chris Sherman


In the early days of search marketing, it was relatively easy to get by using a few simple tools, a spreadsheet, and just casually surfing the web to see what your competitors were up to. Not so today, in this new era of “big data.” Most search marketers instinctively know that more data equals more insight which in turn equals more opportunity to succeed.

Yet despite the potential rewards it offers, dealing with big data can be a big challenge. As Wikipedia defines it, “big data is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.”

That’s why we created one of many new sessions for SMX West, namely Big Data & Search Marketing. Our speakers on this panel have direct, firsthand experience with wrangling huge data sets and applying what they’ve learned to enhancing their search marketing campaigns.

For example, you’ll hear how Bill Hunt worked with IBM and other huge multinational organizations to build big data systems that mined organic, paid and social data to gain insights that increased the performance of all online marketing programs. Kevin Lee will discuss the thinking behind and application of big data to SEM and display campaigns, what he describes as a “secret sauce” method of optimization for organizations like Corel, a global internet retailer in the computer software industry. And Ashutosh Garg will discuss how to use big data to determine if a campaign is performing up to its potential, drawing on case studies from organizations like and Crate & Barrel.

Search marketers mining and refining big data is a relatively new trend, but it’s here to stay and will become a major component of all effective marketing campaigns in the future. So now’s the time to get in on understanding how to take advantage of Big Data & Search Marketing at SMX West, March 10-13 in San Jose California, the three-day conference devoted to all aspects of search, online and social media marketing. Check out the agenda for SMX West and register now!

Looking forward to seeing you in San Jose!