Live @ SMX Advanced: Managing Search In A Multiscreen World

April 11, 2013 by Chris Sherman


Quick survey question: How many “screens” are you paying attention to right now? Computer? Check. Smartphone? Check. Tablet? Check. Television? Perhaps. And for how many of these screens have you optimized your search campaigns? And how do those campaigns interact and reinforce one another when your customers also are multitasking in their simultaneous multi-screen worlds?

It’s an important question, primarily because many of us are still living in the single screen world of desktop search. And current evidence suggests that may prove to be a serious, perhaps fatal mistake. Just yesterday, research firm IDC reported that worldwide PC shipments posted their steepest decline ever in a single quarter, the worst performance since IDC began tracking the PC market in 1994. Yet online use continues to explode. Which leads to an obvious conclusion: the multiscreen world is now dominant, and likely here to stay.

No doubt, people are still searching with their computers, but it’s also increasingly clear that to effectively reach people you need to tailor your search marketing campaigns to function seamlessly regardless of the type of device your customer or prospect is querying. Our speakers on the Managing Search In A Multiscreen World panel at SMX Advanced will open up multiple windows showing how successful search marketers are coping in this brave new multiscreen world.

Managing Search In A Multiscreen World is one of more than two-dozen info-packed sessions on June 11 and 12 at our always sold-out SMX Advanced conference and exhibition in Seattle. Check out the agenda for SMX Advanced and register now!

Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle!