Live @ SMX East: In-House SEO & Social Media – How To Work Together

September 19, 2013 by Chris Sherman


Many in-house search marketers regard social media as an interesting, amusing, and possibly even useful channel. But quite often they regard their social media peers as younger, inexperienced siblings, who lack the sophisticated approaches and tools that they use to maximize the organization’s search visibility.

But that’s a mistake. Social media can be equally powerful as a complement to other forms of in-house marketing, if used in a serious, thoughtful fashion – and if the respective rules and conventions of each type of marketing are respected.

At SMX East, In-House SEO & Social Media – How To Work Together explores the similarities and differences between SEO and social media, and shows how to use each to complement the other in ways that amplify the effects of both types of marketing. You’ll learn you will learn how social media teams are working together to break down silos and establish holistic strategies, and how they handle day-to-day collaboration.

In-House SEO & Social Media – How To Work Together is one of two sessions devoted exclusively to in-house search marketing at SMX East. The other is In-House SEO And PPC: What You Can Learn From Each Other, Optimally. If you’re an in-house marketer you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to network and share information with your peers at our numerous in person networking events, our online networking groups, as well as meeting other attendees at the 50+ sessions devoted to all aspects of online marketing. Check out the agenda for SMX East and register now!

Looking forward to seeing you in New York!