SMX East Theater Presentation Schedule

New York City, NY: Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, 2014

SMX Theater presentations will be held noon to 6:00pm on September 30th and 10:00am-4:00pm on October 1st. No presentations on October 2nd.

All SMX attendees are invited to attend educational sessions from leading search marketing companies in the SMX Theater. Participating companies will present case studies, best practices and solution demonstrations. The schedule below tells you about the companies presenting and what they’ll discuss.

Remember, the SMX Theater is FREE to all attendees, including Expo+ pass holders. Don’t miss the valuable presentations in the SMX Theater on the Expo Hall floor Tuesday, September 30th and Wednesday, October 1st.

Tuesday – September 30, 2014
Time Theater A Theater B

Bruce Clay, Inc.
Penalties: What to Do?
Bruce Clay, Founder & President

Facing a zoo of algorithmic penalties, and generations of Google Penguin Updates, Bruce Clay, Inc. has the process of penalty fighting down to a science. Learn how to get out from under an algorithmic penalty and regain search rankings and traffic.


gShift Web Presence Analytics


The Four Keys To Great Content
Philip Thune, CEO – Americas

Phillip will discuss the keys to creating great content, before you ever take pen to paper (or fingers to a keyboard). He will explain how knowing your Audience, developing a consistent Attitude, having clear Goals and researching proper Keywords are critical to making sure your content achieves your goals.


SEO art DATA technology
Christopher Hart, Head of Client Development, U.S.

SEO is no longer a single player game, done by some one sitting alone in the office. Marketing “Traditional and Digital” are an intertwined combination of strategies and technologies across divisions and job functions. The modern CMO is spending more on technology and staff which have to artfully understand and see the 50 shades of gray.


Which Brands are Winning at Local Marketing—and Why
Andrew Thackray, Vice President of Sales

How do national brands compete successfully for local customers? Which ones have the most effective local digital presence? To find out, Placeable analyzed hundreds of brands across selected industries, including retail, banking, restaurant and hospitality. This presentation examines the winning strategies of the top brands, reveals surprising missed opportunities in each vertical, and explores the four key dimensions of local online marketing: Visibility, Depth, Precision and Reach.




Places Scout
Places Scout’s Newly Launched Web-Based Local SEO Reporting Platform
Mark Kabana, Founder and CEO

A brief demo of Places Scout’s newly launched web-based platform for all your Local SEO reporting needs. Our new online version of Places Scout is a highly scalable SAAS platform that can deliver a wide range of valuable SEO data and reporting functionality for large-scale enterprise and multi-location clients, and is something you won’t want to miss!


BKA Content
Editing: Content Marketing’s Best Kept Secret
Matt Secrist, VP Business Development

No piece of content should be posted online without a second set of eyes going over it first. Editing is an often-overlooked, yet necessary step for producing high-quality content. So the question is: Who’s editing your content?


Analytics SEO
Having Fun And Getting A Competitive Edge With Big SEO Data™, Graph Databases and APIs
Laurence O'Toole, CEO

Laurence O’Toole, CEO of Analytics SEO, will be sharing how you can mash-up data using a variety of different APIs from different SEO data providers and get insights you cannot get elsewhere. Using leading-edge graph database technology you can now distil the complex web of inter-relationships in your market into easily digestible and actionable SEO insights.

• You’ll learn how to fully define and size your market

• You’ll discover who you are really competing with

• You’ll find fun new ways to unearth opportunities to beat the competition

• You’ll probably get a promotion!


Page One Power
Link Building Stories
Jon Ball, VP of Business Development

Every link building campaign has a story. Jon will share some successes and failures of recent link building strategies–and lessons learned along the way.


DAC Group
Google’s Pigeon Update – What It Means At The Local Level
Scott Ensign, VP Search

What’s your perspective on Google’s Pigeon update?

At DAC, we’ve been keeping a close eye on how Google’s Pigeon update is impacting business listings and the online presence of brands. Scott’s session will uncover what has and hasn’t changed as a result of the update, reinforce that content is king – right down to the local level and provide attendees with actionable advice and insight on:

*The impact the update has had on location-specific landing pages

*How visibility of Google Maps listings in the SERP has changed

*What local ranking factors appear to have become more or less important with the Pigeon update

48 Hours! – Minimizing Losses after a Link Penalty

Don’t get caught with your pants down! If you are linkbuilding, you need a plan in place on what to do if/when you are slapped with a manual action for unnatural links. The steps you take in the first 48 hours can make a huge difference with your recovery efforts.


Advanced Web Ranking
How Important Is It To Rank Well In Search? – A Google Organic CTR Study
Philip Petrescu, CEO

Ever wondered how much traffic you could get from having a top ranking in Google? Now you can! Attend this session to see the most recent Click-Through Rate study for Google organic search results.


Zemanta Content DSP
Greg Gortz, VP, Sales

Zemanta programmatically promotes and recommends your content to over 90% of all US internet users through editorial placements and promoted related content. Come and learn how we can help you drive more traffic, reach new audiences, and maximize the value and impact of your content.


Yahoo Gemini
Advertise On Yahoo To Reach The Right Customers
Leo Polanowski, Head of Client Service, Americas

Be where your customers are. Every day, millions of people visit Yahoo to read the news, search for things, or check email. You can reach the right ones for your business with ads available through Yahoo Gemini. Our solution seamlessly blends content with advertising, and dynamically builds your ad to be delivered to the right audience.


Stone Temple Consulting
Penguin and Unnatural Links
Eric Enge, CEO

Hit by Penguin or a Manual Link Penalty? Come see this no-nonsense presentation on how to clean up your links and get on the road to recovery.


How Mobile Rankings Affect Your CTR
Mitul Gandhi, Founder & Chief Architect

The smaller the device the more crucial it is to rank higher. Even if your mobile site abides by Google’s recommended guidelines, that are maintaining correlating URLs between devices with proper HTML and responsive CSS, you might not get the traffic and conversions you’d like. But why not? In this session, you’ll find out how the mobile CTR model affects your site.


Duplicate Listings and How They’re Created Created
Christian Ward, EVP of Partnerships

Duplicate listings are annoying, time consuming, and nearly impossible to fix. You can’t fix them in the data or in the aggregators, only at the publisher level. They are something our industry has had to endure without a scalable, effective solution, until now.

Christian Ward, EVP of Partnerships for Yext, will discuss the following:

• How Dupes Are Created

• Why Dupes Are Bad for Marketers & Customers

• How To Solve the Duplicate Listings Problem…And Keep It Solved

• Best Practices for Marketers to Fix Duplicate Listings

Wednesday – October 1, 2014
Time Theater A Theater B
10:00am – 10:20am

ReachRocket™ Social Content Amplification Pre-Launch Party
Marty Weintraub, Founder & Evangelist

Attend this session for a live demo and early access to aimClear’s DIY social amplification tool, destined to disrupt the social media marketing business universe as we know it.

10:20am – 10:40am   

Future of SEO: A Business View
Shaun Siler, Senior Director of Sales

Getting the right answer is all about asking the right question. As Google’s algorithmic updates impact users search experience, businesses need to understand how they perform for navigational, directed and undirected information search queries. Join us as we explore the answer to questions like: How do I best satisfy the searcher? When I am found, how do I deliver the best result?


How To Succeed With Mobile SEO And Secure Search
Brad Mattick, VP of Marketing

Sixty-two percent of results on Google show different results on mobile devices compared to desktop. Learn best practices for “going mobile” to ensure your mobile sites are configured to capture maximum traffic. And, learn how leading brands are solving secure search by transitioning to content-centric SEO.


Be There or Be Square: How The Latest Search Trends Impact Your Online Reputation
Elena MacGurn, Global SEO Lead

We know search engines are working hard to deliver direct answers and ready-to-digest solutions to search queries. The question is: How does this affect your visibility in the SERPs and what are the most important trends from the key search platforms you cannot afford to ignore in the upcoming year? This session explores how to grow your brands’ visibility in search using the new business-focused features from the top international search engines.


Scaling Engagement: 3 Steps to Efficient Content Marketing for SEO, Social & Business Results
Katherine Griwert, Head of Marketing Content & Communications

Most marketers say their biggest content challenges are lack of time and lack of ROI – and both can be solved with smart content strategies. An efficient content plans helps you get the most mileage out of your content investments, while also optimizing for success. In this presentation, Brafton shares quick tips and case studies on building smarter, more efficient content marketing. You’ll get insights on developing and repurposing content that’s optimized for your business goals, then sharing it for the most success in search, social and email.


Pandas & Pigeons & Local…Oh My!
Bill Connard, VP of Local Search Solutions

Google’s algorithms are constantly in a state of flux even outside of the occasional mass-impact update. How do you know if your site was affected by Google Pigeon? We will be discussing the local SEO key performance indicators you should be tracking, as well as the tools you’ll need to Pigeon-proof your web presence.


A Gift For You: PPC Strategies For the Holidays
John Gagnon, Bing Ads Evangelist

Has your holiday PPC campaign unwrapped all the goodies in the toy shop? Join search expert John Gagnon for some holiday season search insights including optimal timing, budget strategies and mobile smarts. We’ll explore the goodies that can boost your holiday campaign and give you specific tips for making the most of the hottest shopping days of the year.


Majestic SEO
How to Use Link Data to Boost Your Social Media and PR Efforts
Mel Carson, U.S. Brand Ambassador

Big Data has so much more potential than just being a buzzword, so in this session Mel Carson, Brand Ambassador for Majestic SEO, will get your creative juices flowing with a smorgasbord of ideas and case studies that will show you how to quickly and easily get ahead of the competition with a little bit of lateral thinking across the disciplines of social media and digital PR.


Maximizing International Opportunities
Immanuel Simonsen, Research Manager

We’ll take you on a journey around some of the world’s biggest internet markets and highlight the opportunities they present to international organisations. You’ll learn where to focus your efforts and how to maximize online investment to achieve big returns.


Click-to-Call Pro Session: What Is Conversational Analytics? Let Us Show You!
Jeff Braislin, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Conversational analytics automatically analyzes what happens on phone calls so search marketers can optimize click-to-call campaigns. See a demonstration of conversational analytics, and how it is used to maximize ROI from mobile search campaigns. Bring your questions on click-to-call!


Why Using Just Google Call Conversions Is Losing You Money
Lauren Ishimaru, Senior Product Marketer

While Google’s recently announced Website Call Conversions gives paid search marketers a much needed advancement in call tracking, it still isn’t enough. Join us as we cover the 3 major shortcomings of Google call conversions that are negatively affecting your ad spend and what you can do to overcome them.


Tactics for Integrating Offline Conversions Into Paid Search Reporting
Todd Fisher, Founder

Incorporating offline conversion data from phone calls into the optimization of your paid search campaigns has traditionally been time consuming and difficult. We will start by discussing how to simply track phone conversions in systems like Google Adwords and Analytics. From there, we will talk about how to incorporate click cost data for calls and sales information from calls into Adwords so you can get a complete picture of the performance of your campaigns (online and off).


BreakingBad SEO: The Science of Crawl Space

To build a picture of your site architecture and to discover your complete crawl space, you need to consider what contributes to your URL Universe – the place where all theoretically possible URLs exist.

Find out why crawl space is important for SEO, the ingredients required for a potent crawl space audit and a formula for successfully optimising it in this left-field presentation with a rather interesting theme.


Call Tracking Is Easy! Why Aren’t You Doing It Already?
Matt Harvey, Senior Account Executive

Matt Harvey, Sr. Account Executive at ClickPath, will be discussing the wonderful benefits of dynamic call tracking…..attribution, call recordings, setup. Matt will also discuss what you want to look for in a provider as well as analytics integration.


Is the Mobile Visual Web breaking Paid Search?
Jay DeDapper, CEO

Product Search Marketing hasn’t changed a whole lot since the dawn of Google — marketers buy various types of ads, sweat the keywords and try to maximize their ROI. But what happens when half of everyone online never sees a Google Search Results page? That’s the reality in 2014 and marketers who ignore the consequences are destined to be pushed to the sidelines by savvy competitors who understand everything has changed.


Call Tracking for Local Search: What Every Marketer Should Know
Steve Dimmitt, Vice President, Sales and Customer Experience

Thanks to smartphones, local searches drive billions of phone calls to U.S. business each month. And that number is growing fast. It’s now impossible to optimize ROI from local search campaigns while still ignoring call conversions. Calls are just too important.

Join search experts from Ifbyphone as they explain how marketers and agencies are using call tracking technology to optimize ROI from local search. They’ll explain how to:

• See which PPC ads, search keywords, and landing pages generate calls and sales – and which don’t

• Filter out bad calls and route good ones to the closest store, office, or agent to maximize sales

• Get credit for the calls and sales your marketing generates

• Stop wasting budget on ads that don’t drive sales, store visits, or appointments

• Significantly improve your marketing’s ROI from search

True success in local search advertising today requires you to track, score, route, and manage calls the same way you do web conversions. This presentation will explain how.


You’re the King: Making Your Content Work for You
Bill Connolly, Content Marketing Manager

“Content is King.” Right? Well, sort of. We as marketers have given too much power away to this concept of “content.” it’s time we take it back. Content is a fantastic tool for B2B marketers, but it’s just one tool. This session will reveal strategies for building a strong, consistent nurturing program. You’ll learn how to utilize automation to connect your marketing and sales teams. We’ll also discuss how to better engage prospects, move them through the funnel, and ultimately, make your content work for you. Not bad for 20 minutes!