SMX Israel 2014 Agenda

Keynote: Most Significant Changes In Search Marketing & Where We Are Headed by Barry Schwartz

This keynote will kick off the conference by summarizing the most significant changes in the search space over the past year and then glance into the future with predictions on what will be the most important areas for webmasters, SEOs and marketers to focus on in the upcoming years.
Keynote: Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick

Awesome Link Building Tactics & Ideas

In the age of Penguin, algorithmic link penalties, manual link actions for paid and unnatural links – how do you go about building links to your site? There are ways but the old methods simply don’t work. Hear from experts how you can build quality, natural and powerful links that will make a real impact on your rankings.
Moderator: Aaron Friedman of Kahena Digital Marketing
Speakers: Ari Nahmani of Kahena Digital Marketing & Tom Harari of iAcquire.

Universal Analytics

Web Analytics is changing and becoming more integrated across devices and environments. How do you track the source of a conversion? Did it come from a search on a smartphone that ultimately ended in a conversion via desktop? Did the conversion happen in a retail store? Our experts will give you the run down on how to put together an analytics strategy.
Moderator: Eli Feldblum of RankAbove
Speakers: Daniel Waisberg of Google, Yehoshua Coren of Analytics Ninja & Adir Regev Of GO Internet Marketing.

YouTube, Video Optimization & YouTube Ads

Video is huge and continues to grow year after year – the king of video is Google’s YouTube. What techniques, both paid and organic, can you use to get your videos at the top YouTube. Plus, how can you best convert on those videos and video ads within Google’s ad marketplace.
Moderator: Gilad Sasson of Nekuda
Speakers: Eitan Reisel of Google & Akiva Ben-Ezra of BenEzra Marketing.

App Store Optimization

The new player in the search space is App Store search, finding apps and content within Google Play and Apple’s App Store. On this panel, we will share expert data and tips on what works and doesn’t work when looking to rank apps at the top of the Google and Apple market places. Hold on tight, App Store SEO is the wild west of SEO.
Moderator: Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick
Speakers: Ian Sefferman of MobileDevHQ & Aryeh Altshul of

Enhanced Campaigns, PLAs & AdWords

Like it or not, if you’re advertising on Google you are now using Enhanced Campaigns, a major update designed to simplify campaign management across multiple devices and increase adoption rates of mobile advertising. In this session, top PPC experts will share their insights and practices for maximizing Enhanced Campaigns.
Moderator: Ophir Cohen of Universal McCann Search
Speakers: Ophir Cohen of Universal McCann Search & Dan Perach of PPC Proz.

Big Content Strategies

A few years back, the question was are links or content king. With Penguin, we all know the answer to that question. But how can you write Panda worthy content that not only ranks well in Google but also attracts quality links and catches on with social media. That is what this panel will explore.
Moderator: Aaron Friedman of Kahena Digital Marketing
Speakers: Merry Moroud of aimClear & Aaron Friedman of Kahena Digital Marketing.

Mobile SEO Techniques

If there is one thing webmasters really need to focus on in 2014, most would say mobile. Google and Bing have said mobile sites are an area that needs your attention as more and more of your visitors are accessing your web site on smartphones. Properly building mobile sites is critical to a sound SEO strategy.
Moderator: Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick
Speakers: John Mueller of Google & Miriam Schwab of illuminea.

Bridging: Search Network & Display Ads

In November 2013, Google announced they are for the first time bridging search ads with display ads through a new campaign type called “Search Network with Display Select.” This will allow advertisers to target users across both search and display in a more targeted manner. Google claims this can result in a “35% higher click-through-rate, and a 35% lower cost-per-customer purchase.” Our experts will show you how to set these campaigns up and show you real-world cases, with real-work metrics on performance. This panel will cover Facebook ads to Google display ads.
Moderator: Ophir Cohen of Universal McCann Search
Speakers: Boaz Ariely of GlassesUSA & Yehoshaphat Schellekens of WebMetro.

Hebrew SEO

Bringing back our classic Hebrew speaking only session. Optimizing your SEO and SEM campaigns specifically for the Hebrew speaking searcher can differ from English language searchers. We have pros on this panel who can share their experience on a basic to more advanced level. This session will be given in Hebrew.
Moderator: Gilad Sasson of Nekuda
Speakers: Ariel Hochstadt of Webcellence & Yaniv Navot of SEO Israel.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is not a new topic but it has become more of a concern and priority for brands and individuals alike. Not just with monitoring and managing your search engine reputation but also following what people are saying about you and your brands on social media. ORM has become more complex over the years. Learn through fun but useful case studies on how to tackle these issues.
Moderator: Eli Feldblum of RankAbove
Speakers: Sam Michelson of Five Blocks & Paul Vesely of Veribo.

In this session, PPC experts will give you advanced paid search tips to give you the edge over your competitors. The session will cover how to audit your paid search campaigns, perfecting landing pages, what PPC metrics you should a voice and some amazing paid search tactics and tools you may not be aware of.
Moderator: Chris Sherman of Search Engine Land
Speakers: Gili Vaturi of Google & Dan Perach of PPC Proz.

Predictive Search: Google Glass, Google Now & Apple Siri

Search is changing quickly – today, Google and Apple are showing you search results before you even search. Google Now gives you traffic data before you head off to your next meeting. Apple gives you the weather and time to destination before you leave your home. Predictive search is just at its infancy and this session will explore what marketers need to understand to be ready for this shift in search.
Moderator: Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick
Speakers: Gil Reich of Managing Greatness, Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick & Ari Nahmani of Kahena Digital Marketing.

Recovering From Penalties

They say, you aren’t a real SEO until you have had a site that was penalized. Truth is, you aren’t a real SEO until you have had a site that recovered from a penalty. This session will explore the various algorithmic and manual penalties and how to take steps to recover.
Moderator: Mayer Reich of RankAbove
Speakers: John Mueller of Google & Menachem Rosenbaum of Lucky Boost.

Facebook, Google+ & Twitter Techniques

A session covering the various platforms on the social web including Twitter, Facebook, and yes, Google+. The tools, the tactics, and most importantly, the big no no’s of marketing your brands.
Moderator: Hillel Fuld of inneractive
Speakers: Laura Ben David of Nefesh B’Nefesh, Shari Wright Pilo & Hillel Fuld of inneractive.

Entity Search: Knowledge Graph

Ten blue links on a search results page is becoming a rarity. Search engines want to provide answers based on structured data and entities. Google’s Knowledge Graph is Google’s early example of those answers. How can you survive and thrive within an answer search engine?
Moderator: Chris Sherman of Search Engine Land
Speakers: Eli Feldblum of RankAbove & Uri Breitman of TBWA DIGITAL.

SEOs Give Up Their Best Ideas

We’re putting it all out on the table. Top SEOs, both local and international, will be giving up their best SEO ideas to the audience. Bring your notebook, you will want to make sure to write all these down.
Moderator: Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick
Speakers: Eli Feldblum of RankAbove , Gabriel Goldenberg of Internet Marketing Ninjas, Akiva Ben-Ezra of BenEzra Marketing & Ari Nahmani of Kahena Digital Marketing.

How Marketers Can Deal With [NOT PROVIDED]

2013 was the year of not provided, where Google went all in on SSL search, leading to taking away virtually all of our query data from Google Analytics and other web analytics tools. Without the data, where can marketers turn to know their users? What alternatives do we have for getting query data that we can act on?
Moderator: Mayer Reich of RankAbove
Speakers: Eitan Helman of Wix, Alan K’necht of Digital Always Media, Mark Ginsberg of DriveHill Media & Kalman Labovitz of RankAbove.

How To Make Sharable Content

Writing quality content is not enough, your content needs to be sharable. Meaning, your readers need to want to send your content to their friends and co-workers. You need to give them a reason to want to share it and make it easy to share. What are some techniques to come up with sharable content and how can you increase the chances of those users who want to share.
Moderator: Aaron Friedman of Kahena Digital Marketing
Speakers:Clifton Flack of Universal McCann Search & Ashley Tate of BigDoor.

Keynote: Google’s John Mueller On Search Quality In 2014

John Mueller, Google’s webmaster trends analyst, who has helped thousands of webmasters and SEOs with their Google problems will join us to help you. John will cover Google Webmaster Tools, common SEO mistakes to avoid, what’s new with Google Webmaster Tools, communication and search quality, followed by what webmasters should focus on in 2014. The session will end with open question and answer time from the audience.
Keynote: John Mueller of Google

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