London: May 20-21, 2015

etc.venues, 155 Bishopsgate

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International Search Summit 2015

19th May 2015
etc.venues, Liverpool St – Norton Folgate

This is THE event for anybody involved in running, implementing or managing online projects in more than one language or country. Offering a full day of sessions focusing on international and multilingual search topics, speakers hailing from around the globe and a room full of fellow international marketers; this is a must-attend event for anyone working in the international search space.


International Search Summit – SMX London

The International Search Summit London will complement the content of SMX with an entire day focusing on
the complexities, challenges and opportunities of international search and social media marketing. If you are
targeting multiple languages, countries and cultures this one day event will arm you with a wealth of ideas, techniques and solutions to implement in your campaigns.

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ISS London – Agenda 2015


Introduction and Global Search Engine Headlines

We’ll set the scene for the day with a look at the latest developments from the major global search engines and what that means for search marketers.

Gemma Birch – Webcertain


International Opportunities

As the online world continues to change and develop, so do online customers. We need to be aware of their behaviours, issues and needs and the fact that they are buying remotely, from many different devices and locations. Andy will take a look at the wide range of search and usability factors that must be considered in international campaigns.

Immanuel Simonsen – Webcertain


Coffee Break


The Global Search Engines – Google

Google remains the world’s largest search engine, with a leading market share in many, many countries. With so many different local versions of Google, it’s vital for businesses to ensure they target the right content at each audience. Pierre will look at some of the key considerations for international businesses and provide best practice advice.

Pierre Far – Google


The Global Search Engines – Yandex

Russia is Europe’s largest internet market, and its homegrown search engine Yandex is the market leader, making it an essential channel for any organisation wishing to reach a Russian audience. Tatiana will share insights into this intriguing market and demonstrate how to get the most out of a presence on Yandex.

Tatiana Kalinina – Yandex


Managing Localisation Across A Global Website

Reguarly updating content across multiple language websites can be a nightmare, if a logical workflow and plan is not in place. Anass will discuss how to develop and implement an effective localisation workflow to ensure both quality and efficiency.

Anass Koudis – Atlassian




Understanding the Audience Funnel in Global Markets

If you don’t understand the behaviours, needs and wants of your audience in each target market, you’re doomed to fail. Ranging from which platforms they use to cultural nuances, ensuring all of your content and campaigns is appropriate for each country is vital. Bas will draw on his global experience to highlight some of these factors and share tips for how to research and apply them.

Bas Van den Beld – State of Digital


International Keyword Research Uncovered

There is a lot to consider in international keyword research – from search engines to user behaviour to language differences and peculiarities. We’ll explore the factors to consider and share tips for achieving the most effective results from your keyword research activities.

Ben Lefebvre – Webcertain


International Search in a Global Brand

Hear real-life examples, experiences and solutions to common global search problems from a global brand.



Afternoon coffee break


Understanding Personas in International Content Creation

Understanding who your target audience is and what makes them tick is key to developing a relationship with them, and ultimately turning them into customers. We’ll look at how to identify key personas in each target market, and then how to create targeted, relevant content which will engage with them and help you achieve your goals.

Andy Atkins-Krüger – Webcertain


4.15 Interactive Discussion and Final Q&A

Share your experiences, hear from your peers and discuss the topics, questions and challenges that matter to you! This session aims to ensure you leave ISS with all the answers and insights you came to find!


Networking Drinks

** Sessions/Speakers may be subject to change