(1 hr 30 min)

Breakfast & Registration

(1 hr 15 min)

Marketing Campaigns Gone Viral!
The right content, done the right way, can go “viral” on social channels, spreading like wildfire. This session looks at some case studies, exploring the elements of successful viral campaigns, how they catch fire, and the best channels for different types of content.

Moderator: Elisabeth Osmeloski, Managing Editor, Search Engine Land (@elisabethos)


Alison Dempsey, Social Media Editor and Manager, Parenting / Bonnier Corp. (@parenting)
Jordan Koene, Head of Global Content, eBay.com
Chris Schreiber, Director of Marketing, Sharethrough (@sharethrough)

(30 min)

Refreshment Break

(1 hr 15 min)

SoLoMo: Social, Local & Mobile – A Crossroads Of Opportunity
For the first time, web-enabled mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are outselling computers as people increasingly want to be online everywhere. Kleiner Perkins internet visionary Mary Meeker has deemed the next five years as the era of “SoLoMo” – the intersection of social, local and mobile, and if your marketing strategy isn’t in alignment with this megatrend you’ll be missing out on huge opportunities. This session looks at check-ins, daily deals and local search opportunities through the lens of social media.

Moderator: Matt McGee, Executive News Editor, Search Engine Land (@mattmcgee)


Bryson Meunier, Director, Content Solutions, Resolution Media (@brysonmeunier)
Mat Siltala, Founder, Avalaunch Media (@Matt_Siltala)
Jed Williams, Program Director, Social Local Media, BIA/Kelsey (@williamsjed)

(1 hr 15 min)


(1 hr 15 min)

Measuring Social Media ROI
Sure, social media has had plenty of hype, and everyone is “sure” of its value. But how do you prove that it offers a true return on investment, especially if you’re trying to persuade clients or management to invest marketing dollars in Facebook, Twitter and other social media campaigns? This session looks at emerging social media analytics methods, how to measure “conversions” when there may be no tangible transactions, as well as some of the tools available to measure ROI and performance of social media activities.

Moderator: Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land (@CJSherman)


Allison Hartsoe, VP Analytics, Semphonic (@ahartsoe)
Merry Morud, Account Manager, aimClear (@MerryMorud)
Adam Ware, CEO, SwellPath (@wheresitworking)
Jill Whalen, CEO, High Rankings (@JillWhalen)

(30 min)

Refreshment Break

(1 hr 15 min)

Best Practices & Tools To Maximize Your Social Media Efforts
As with any type of online marketing, if you really want to get the most from your social media campaigns you’ve got to scale up to reach the maximum number of people possible. And the only effective way to do this is by automating your campaigns with tools designed to leverage the efforts of your social media marketing team. This session explores many of the available tools, and more importantly, the right way to use them without annoying or alienating your customers.

Moderator: Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land (@CJSherman)


John Carcutt, Director of SEO and Social Media, Advance Internet
Ty Downing, CEO, SayItSocial (@tydowning)
Courtney Seiter, Community Manager, Raven Internet Marketing
Lisa Williams, President, MEDIA forte marketing (@mediafortemktg)