Las Vegas: November 18-19, 2015

The Cosmopolitan & Conference Center

In-house Social Media Exchange

A Full-day of “Open the Kimono” Knowledge Sharing

Exclusively for In-house Marketers

In-House Social Media Exchange

Modeled after the hugely popular In-house SEO Exchange, the In-house Social Media Exchange at SMX is one full day dedicated entirely to in-house social media marketers and community managers. This means that the types of challenges you face and the questions you have can be discussed openly with people in the room.

Because attendees all work in-house (and not from agencies or vendors), the walls come down and you get to talk to the people actually managing social media at the big brands, build relationships and share solutions that you would normally only hear behind closed doors. There is no other event with this level of sharing.

Experience the Difference of the In-house Social Marketing Exchange:

Address Enterprise-Level Social Media Issues: Hear from a room full of others in e-commerce, publishing, lead-gen, and B2B. Learn how other brands leverage social media to build their organization’s brand and community and ultimately drive conversions. For example, how to scale personalized engagement, prevent and contain social media “brush fires”, and ultimately turn social media efforts into online conversions.

Discover How to Collaborate Social Media and SEO for Maximum Results: Often social media and SEO are under different management with differing agendas. Through candid discussions, you’ll learn how other marketers establish cohesive SEO and social marketing strategies to maximize opportunities.

Understand Optimal Ways to Cross-Promote Between Sites: Wherever your community is active, understand how others are leveraging each platform to drive business goals.

Learn How to Calculate and Report Social ROI: Find out the who, what, when, and how other in-housers are reporting social media metrics and KPIs to help demonstrate the value of social or build the business case for bigger social media budgets.

Trouble-Shoot Social Media Strategies: Not getting the engagement you’re hoping for? Hear first-hand accounts of what’s made the difference (and what hasn’t) for others’ social media strategies.

Learn How Others Are Adapting to New Social Media Platforms: Pinterest and Instagram may not work for everyone, but some brands are having surprising success. Probe for the impact new (or changing) social media platforms are having on others’ social media efforts.

Get More from Your Social Media Budget: Hear first-hand the experiences other enterprise-level social media marketers have in getting the most value out of their budget. You’ll have frank discussions on the must-have tools (and those that can be skipped), what gets outsourced (and recommended vendors), and even personal experiences with *gasp* paid mentions!

And Much More: The In-house Social Media Exchange and brainstorming is dynamic by nature. Attendees help set the agenda to ensure your most pressing questions are addressed.

The In-house SEO Exchange is intimate: Facilitated discussions keep the conversations moving and foster relationship building. All of the participants are in-house marketers.

Featured Speakers

Maria Roncal
Maria Roncal
Social Media Specialist
SLS Las Vegas
Cj Feierabend
Cj Feierabend
Social Advocacy Specialist
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Director of Community
Warren Lee

Warren Lee

VP of Marketing

for In-house Social Media Exchange.

* Requirements to Attend:

You must be willing to share your experiences, insights, lessons learned and contribute to the Exchange. You must be an in-house social media professional to attend (not employed by a company offering social marketing services).

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Bowman at 415-990-3407.

In-house Social Media Exchange will be held on Tuesday, November 18 at the Aria Las Vegas, 3730 Las Vegas Boulevard, South. The seminar will begin promptly at 8:30 am; please arrive at least 15 minutes early to register and pick up your course materials. Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served.

About Jessica Bowman

Jessica Bowman
Hosted by:
Jessica Bowman
In-House SEO
Advocate & Expert

Identified as one of 2012’s Hottest Digital Marketers by iMedia Connection, Jessica truly understands the operational challenges of today’s in-house digital marketers. Known as an advocate for in-house SEO, Jessica brings her organizational insights and candor to the social media arena.

Part techie, part strategist, part management consultant – Jessica has a talent for figuring out what a company needs and what it doesn’t need, identifying where the focus should be, pointing out what isn’t worth the effort, and taking action to start maximizing a company’s online marketing efforts. Jessica can show you how to leverage your existing resources and maximize efforts.

Jessica is the founder of, a consultancy focused on the operational side of search engine optimization.

Attendees have loved past In-house Exchanges:

Comments from surveys and emails to us after the event:

“The small group atmosphere lets you tap into the collective intelligence of talented search marketing experts from across the internet. Moreover, by meeting and sharing with these individuals, you have the opportunity to establish friendships and grow your network of resources – a HUGE plus for future conferences.”

Attendee from SMX Advanced

“The opportunity to just sit and bounce ideas off others in a semi-guided and themed way was unique and clearly the best bit…pub meets never have that kind of focus, and those kind of conversations rarely flourish in a standard conference situation. Understanding and agreeing that what was said in the room stayed in the room allowed for a much free-er discussion and I think was really valuable for everyone.”

Attendee from SMX Advanced

“I loved that it was centered around the questions of each attendee. Your format for the In-House Exchange is right on.”

Enterprise-Level In-house SEO, Attendee from SMX Advanced

“I came away with really good knowledge that will help me put together our long term plan.”

Attendee from SMX East

“Everyone in attendance was helpful and encouraging. I feel as if I gained a whole support group in one day.”

Gretchen Heying, ExOfficio

“The connections that I made from those round tables were truly valuable.”

Chase Johnson, CHG Healthcare, SMX Advanced