Erica Schmidt, Global Search Director, Isobar

Erica Schmidt

Erica is primarily responsible for helping the many Isobar search agencies across the globe increase their revenues from search engine marketing in a variety of ways. As Global Search Director, Erica is responsible for assisting Isobar agencies in launching iProspect branded search engine marketing practices. Also, Erica further ensures that each agency is delivering their services according to the best practices developed at iProspect in the U.S. The GSD schedules, organizes and then teaches “iProspect University” in markets across the globe, and then administers certification tests and awards certification to staff who pass this test.

Prior to joining Isobar, Erica was a Client Services Director at iProspect, responsible for overseeing the activities of a number of client-facing search teams. She focused her attention on delivering superior strategies and proactive account management to iProspect's clients.

Schmidt has authored articles for numerous publications, including The Search Engine that Could for Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine, Talk About Overkill: Google's Plethora of Search Products and Watch Your Rep on Social Networks for DIRECT Magazine. Also a polished speaker, she has spoken at client conferences around the country as well as industry events, including Search Engine Strategies. She earned her bachelors degree in classical archaeology and ancient history from Franklin and Marshall College.

See Erica speak at:
SMX London 2007