Jake Baillie, Managing Director, STN Labs

Jake Baillie

Ask other top tier SEO experts around the world and they'll tell you: Jake Baillie is considered one of the leading strategists in search engine optimization. His primary research focus is organic search ranking algorithms as they relate to large-scale dynamic websites. He also specializes in categorization and data techniques in the local search market.

“I'm young and have been working on the Internet for about 10 years. Sometimes I feel like I've been in search forever, but really it's been only about 5 years. The best compliment I ever received was from Greg Sterling, who called my company “the local search engine with the best sense of humor”.

I embrace rebellion, capitalism and economic activism. I loathe inefficiency and bureaucracy. I work best in small teams and think of myself as a much better charismatic leader and evangelist than a manager. I have an ego, am outspoken, and will offend you at least once as you get to know me.”

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SMX London 2007