A Guide To Speaking At SMX Conferences

Interested in speaking at an SMX event? Have an idea you’d like to suggest to our programming team? Here’s how it all works!

First, We Ask For Session Ideas

Before an agenda is created, we open up a "suggestion box" for session ideas. At this stage, as we’re developing the agenda, we’re looking for ideas for sessions and suggestions for people we should consider as speakers. If we really like a session idea, we may use it to develop a session title and description, and in some cases will also ask the person who submitted the idea to be a speaker. This may be for a solo session (usually 25 minutes or so), or for a panel presentation (usually 15 minutes or so, with one or two other speakers).

Bottom line: If you have a great idea and really want to speak, you’ll improve your chances by suggesting a really great idea.

Second, We Ask For Speaking Pitches

After a show’s agenda is posted, we ask people to pitch to speak on specific panels they’re interested in. Unless we’ve specifically invited you to speak – even if you suggested a session idea – you must pitch to speak on specific panels to be considered. The reason is that we work with a group of talented coordinators to choose speakers. If you don’t pitch, they won’t know that you’re interested.

Key 2015 Dates For Speaking At SMX

All session ideas and speaking pitches must be submitted through forms on the SMX website (more on that below). Here are the key dates to keep in mind for 2015:

SHOWSession Ideas AcceptedSpeaking Pitches AcceptedAll Speakers FinalizedConference Begins
SMX WestClosedNov. 7 – 25Dec. 2Mar. 3, 2015
SMX LondonDec. 8 – 21Jan. 12 – Feb. 1Feb. 8May 13, 2015
SMX AdvancedJan 5 – 18Feb. 9 – 27Mar. 3June 2, 2015
SMX EastApr. 27 – May 12June 8 – 26June 30Sep. 29, 2015

As you can see from the grid above, speaking pitches For SMX West 2015 are currently being accepted through Tuesday, November 25. Click here to read speaking guidelines and to submit a pitch.

Note: If you are interested in speaking at other SMX events, please visit the home page of the event for instructions: