Dr. Zhaohui Tang

Dr. ZhaoHui Tang joined adSage as the CEO in 2010. In the past years, he has worked at Microsoft Corporation. There, Dr. Tang was positioned as the Lead Program Manager of the BI team for SQL server from 1999 to 2005, managing the Data Mining business for SQL Server. In 2006, Dr. Tang took part in building adCenter Lab and became the Principle Program Manager for adCenter until 2010, taking charge of several key projects in the field of Relevance and Revenue of Paid Search/ Context Ads. At the same time, Dr. Tang invented the Keyword Service Platform which is the first web service platform focusing on the keyword technique.

Dr. Tang received his Doctoral Degree in INRIA and PRiSM Lab in France with numerous papers published in academic and industrial journals. He continuously took part in database, BI and Search Engine Conferences and held many speaking engagements. Dr. Tang co-authored books including Data Mining with SQL Server 2005 and Data Mining with SQL Server 2008. Up to now, he has held more than 20 US patents in the field of Data Mining and Search Engine technology.