Special Events

Cortana & The Predictive Search Future 9:00am-10:00am

Move over Siri and Google Now. Microsoft has a new competitor in town: Cortana powered by Bing the personal digital assistant that is part of the new Windows Phone 8.1 platform. Cortana is modeled after a real-life assistant, designed to understand someone's interests and needs, and with permission, predict and provide information that is helpful and actionable. Is the future of search never having to search at all? In this keynote discussion, members of the Bing and Windows Phone team will discuss that and other ways predictive search and digital assistants like Cortana are changing the way we seek.

Meet & Eat Networking Lunches and Birds of a Feather Tables 12:15pm-1:45pm

There are two ways to get more out of lunch at SMX than just hot meals! All lunches are included for SMX West All Access. You're certain to sit with knowledgeable and engaging people.

Like the experience to be a little more structured? Sign up to enjoy lunch at a Birds-Of-A-Feather table. These are a great opportunities to continue the conversation with others who share your interests. We'll post the schedule and topics of discussion for the tables in early February and you can reserve your spot online.

Closing Night Bash 6:00pm-11:00pm

After two days of brain crunching, it's party time! Join us for the SMX Closing Night Bash, sponsored by Moz. Bring your bowling shoes and dust off those pool cues because SEOs know how to party. Bash at The Garage (1130 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122). Appetizers and beverages will be provided. See you there! (badge required)

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Lost & Found

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SEO Track

Forget title tags, keyword research, writing content and links. In this session our panelists will explore some of the most complex issues with advanced SEO. We'll explore how to manage large sites with complex databases and tons of content, ensuring that Google can efficiently crawl, index and rank all the pages on your site. From canonicals, crawl priority, rel next and prev to dynamic URL management and pagination topics, we will cover the best practices and the technical how-tos.
In a [not provided] world, digital marketers have been challenged to find new methods to quantify and qualify their SEO efforts. Attend this session and discover new methods for gauging audience interest by topic and analyzing user data to inform your search strategy. Speakers will share a variety of measurement tactics including getting executive buy-in, and building reporting dashboards to demonstrate progress, track conversion and ROI metrics from organic search traffic.
Join us for PowerPoint free, no-holds bar discussion with veteran search engine optimization experts who'll explore the big issues and take audience questions. There will be a conversation among panelists on some of the biggest issues - along with some debate - plus plenty of time for the audience to challenge them with questions and come away with innovative solutions.

Paid Search Track

Dynamic landing page testing and tuning. Persona development. Search funnel and user navigation path sculpting. Attribution modeling. These and other tasks are becoming increasingly important for search marketers striving to achieve their ultimate goal of customer conversion - getting website visitors to take action by buying, registering, downloading, calling - or whatever your desired outcome may be. The conversion rockstars on this panel show you how to get inside your visitors' brains and create an experience that satisfies their needs by leading them seamlessly from search to ultimate conversion.
Retargeting has quickly evolved and is now an integral part of most advertisers' marketing plans. And the options continue to proliferate. Speakers in this session will share cutting edge ideas for getting the most out of retargeting campaigns on Google Display, RLSA, FBX, Twitter and other retargeting networks.
By some estimates, there have been 1000+ changes to AdWords and Bing Ads in the past year. Last year's tactics will only give you last year's results. Don't let your PPC campaigns move backwards - come learn from top experts what amazing new tactics, tools, tips and secret sauce will enable you to manage your campaigns to higher levels of performance this year. This session presents the best of the best of the best - it's what makes it a perennial SMX Advanced favorite!

Content & Conversion Track

Google's prime directive is "create good content." But a piecemeal approach to creating content won't cut it. You need a comprehensive content creation strategy to deliver the value that justifies the time, money and effort. Our speakers will share content creation tactics that have made them successful. You'll learn winning approaches for developing, re-purposing and maximizing the value from content, along with the metrics to measure and demonstrate your success.
Got content? Now you need to leverage it. This session explores the crucial elements of getting the most from your content marketing strategy, beyond optimizing for the search engines. We'll explore topics including building authority and trust, advanced social tactics to maximize sharing, and creating conversion funnels that transform content consumers into customers and fans.
From tracking the influence of online marketing to offline purchase activities, to understanding multi-screen habits and cross-channel campaign influences, marketers face greater attribution challenges than ever before, even with more tools at their disposal. This session will show how marketers are successfully tracking and the attributing the impact of their digital campaigns using Google and other tools to make better strategic decisions and outsmart their competition.