Special Events

Conference Yoga: Social Matworking at SMX 7:00am-8:00am

Get off the web and onto the mat for a different kind of networking event! Start your morning with 60 minutes of yoga in Room 212 at the San Jose Convention Center.

Stretch your body, relax your mind, and connect with other conference-goers in a whole new way. Cost is $15 a class or register for all 3 at $35. Register online or drop-in and pay in person with cash or card. Learn more here: http://alchemistwellness.com/

Meet & Eat Networking Lunches and Birds of a Feather Tables 12:00pm-1:30pm

There are two ways to get more out of lunch at SMX than just hot meals! All lunches are included for SMX West All Access. You’re certain to sit with knowledgeable and engaging people.

Like the experience to be a little more structured? Sign up to enjoy lunch at a Birds-Of-A-Feather table. These are a great opportunities to continue the conversation with others who share your interests. We’ll post the schedule and topics of discussion for the tables in early February and you can reserve your spot online.

Book Signing – Meet Author Lisa Buyer 3:00pm-3:30pm

Books are available for sale and signing in the exhibit hall by the Recharge Email/Power Station

Keynote Conversation: Google Search Chief Amit Singhal 5:00pm-6:00pm

Amit Singhal has overseen Google’s search engine ranking algorithms since 2000. From the Knowledge Graph, to Google Voice Search, to Google’s new "Hummingbird" algorithm update, no one has better insight into Google’s many methods of trying to make sense of the world’s information than Singhal. In this keynote conversation with Search Engine Land founding editor Danny Sullivan, Singhal will discuss some of Google’s recent updates and share his vision for what search might look like five years down the road.

Expo Hall Reception 6:00pm-7:00pm

SMX Expo Hall Reception

Check out all of the solutions offered by the SMX West exhibitors during the Expo Hall Reception. You’ll enjoy drinks and snacks while meeting your fellow delegates and learning about tools and services that can make you a more effective internet marketer! See all the exhibitors and sponsors here.

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Lost & Found

Located at the registration desk.


Digital Marketing Summit Track presented by Marketing Land

(9:00-9:25) The internet has empowered prospects to bypass advertising and sales pitches. Giving people engaging content has become the first step in 21st century marketing. That means smarter companies will adopt a media-first business strategy, regardless of their business model or market. Learn the ingredients of engaging content and the changes your organization must make to succeed with a media-first business strategy.
(9:30-9:55) Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, the necessary ingredients for a complete paradigm shift are in place: decreasing cost of wireless communication and wireless sensors, combined with the increased ease of access to cheap data storage and data processing means major changes in both online and offline marketing. Smart companies are planning for the future by thinking about cross-device compatibility, but also thinking about big data, and how it will change the way we think about marketing. Attend this session and join their ranks!
(10:00-10:25) With advances in big data, artificial intelligenge and increased metric captures of everything we do, analytics will go through a radical transformation in the next few years. Today, analytics practioners influence business decision makers. In the future, analysts will own business decision making. Join us for a look at the analytics revoution and how you can prepare for it.
(11:00-11:25) What does the future of online display advertising look like? A landscape very different than today's, and one that disrupts current advertiser practices and beliefs. Ads will evolve from interruptions in other activities to voluntary views that users seek out. Ads will be more interactive, and beautiful. Ads will be connected across devices and time, and thanks to better retargeting will be more useful to your personal life. And measurement of ads will be much more complex and accurate, allowing advertisers to even more precisely tune messages to individuals - at scale. Learn how to prepare for this exciting new world of display ads like you've never seen.
(11:30-11:55) While we were posting, liking, tweeting and Instagramming, something funny happened. Marketers around the world reawakened to the revenue-driving power of our oldest digital marketing channel: email. What does the future hold for email? Join Jeff Rohrs, author of AUDIENCE: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers to find out.
(1:30-1:55) Say goodbye to local search as we know it. We have entered into a period of the human algorithm. The future of local search can be summed up in two words - collaboration and trust. Are you prepared? Join Justin Sanger, recognized as a long-time innovator and leader in local search for insights into the new geography of local.
(2:00-2:25) In just three years, the number of online video viewers is expected to double to 1.5 billion. In addition to viewers on YouTube, Vine and other online aggregators, traditional publishers like the New York Times are allowing non-subscribers unlimited free access to video content. With the proliferation of mobile devices and fast internet connections, video consumption is increasing at a rate faster than any other type of online content. Learn how savvy marketers are preparing now to ride and monetize this trend with increasingly innovative approaches to "capturing user eyeballs."
(2:30-2:55) Most people don't know the true definition of virality, how to measure it or how to recognize it. Getting a piece of content to "go viral" does NOT simply equate to getting lots of page views on that piece. This presentation will explain the three main components of virality, how to optimize them and the simple math for how to measure them. At the end, you will be able to recognize and measure how close your own content is to being truly viral!
(3:30-3:55) Google has placed a huge bet on social, not just on integrating Google+ into all of the online giant's moving pieces, but also in increasing the strength of social signals in determining search relevance. Similarly, search is becoming much more important to social sites like Facebook and Twitter, like intelligent string intertwining users, content and activities. As social and search become increasingly like the opposite sides of the same coin, marketers must adopt new hybrid approaches that are effective both with man and machine. Learn how in this session.
(3:55-4:20) 2013 was a year of big changes for search marketers, from the launch of Google's Enhanced Campaigns and PLAs, to new cross-channel retargeting options, advances in real-time bidding and new ad formats. Paid search is still the most effective and measurable digital ad medium, and in 2014, it will become more closely linked with display, mobile and social, and with offline marketing tactics. The coming year will see Big Data transform paid search, enabling advanced audience-based targeting for the first time. Find out what's next for paid search and how you should plan your spend to succeed in 2014 and beyond.
(4:25-4:45) Search engine optimization has been in a state of constant flux since birth. And while many of the trends and changes have received broad attention in the field, others have gone quietly unnoticed. The tactics that work, the KPIs that matter, the way searchers search, and who is practicing SEO has subtly changed not with a bang, but with a whimper. This presentation will explore SEO's quiet revolution and how it impacts marketers in 2014.

Search Marketing Boot Camp presented by Search Engine Land

The first step to any successful marketing campaign is to know your message. With search marketing that means understanding the search terms being used by your target audience. And though it sounds obvious, it helps to actually use those words in your web pages! This session covers the importance of textual content to search engines and how with some forethought, you can create HTML title tags and body copy that works to generate search traffic - and also pleases your human visitors.
Ever since Google created PageRank, every good search marketer's motto has been "I link, therefore I am." Though linking seems easy, it's a far more subtle art than most realize, and there are right and wrong ways to conduct your linking campaign. In this session, we'll look at how to reach out and get quality links, how to craft anchor text to build authority, and how to avoid commonplace mistakes that will hurt your web credibility (and search engine rankings).
Paid search allows you to generate traffic from search engines by purchasing ads, usually on a cost-per-click (CPC) or pay-per-click (PPC) basis. This session covers the basics of how to purchase placement from the major search engines, including best practices for success with your ads.
"I'm not designing my site for search engines", is a common designer objection to SEO suggestions. The reality, however, is that search engines are the starting point for most internet users, and if your site is difficult for Google, Bing or other engines to "read", it's never going to work for your human visitors either. Attend this session and learn how to create search engine friendly sites that are equally appealing to human visitors.

Social Media Marketing Boot Camp presented by Marketing Land

You may participate in social media casually, but as a marketer it's crucial to have a deeper understanding of what works, what doesn't and who the major players are. You need to know the subtle but key differences between paid, earned and owned social media channels. And of course, while social media is great for marketing and branding, it can also be an effective channel for PR, customer service, community building and other areas. This session sets the stage for the rest of the day by equipping you with the core fundamentals of social media marketing.
You've read the horror stories: Well-intentioned company makes a social media blunder, and seemingly within moments they're being criticized and mocked as news of the mistake spreads like wildfire across the social media landscape. As even prominent brands and giant companies have learned, it's easy to make disastrous mistakes with social media. But it's also relatively easy to take preventive measures to avoid getting into trouble. This session shows you how to mind your social manners.
Facebook is the largest social sharing site on the internet, and your customers expect to find you there. What will you offer them? How will you get them to like your business? What will you do in exchange for their loyalty? And how can you use Facebook to promote your business and find more customers? Other social media platforms also offer advertising options, enabling you to broaden your reach and find new customers. This session explores the strategies and tactics needed for your business to get the maximum return on your investment in Facebook as well as other paid social media opportunities, and how to best take advantage of what each has to offer.
Ask anyone - Twitter is "easy." Just sign up, and tweet your pithy 140 character updates whenever inspiration strikes. That's true for individuals - but using Twitter for business requires a lot more thought and care. For starters: Why are you using Twitter? For branding? Customer service? Sales? And what type of "corporate image" are you trying to present and maintain? This session shows you how to establish an effective Twitter presence.