Special Events

Best Of Show / Key SMX Takeaways 3:45pm-4:30pm

After three days of thought leadership, meaningful insights and tactical tips, you'll be sure to have your own list of top takeaways, favorite speakers and sessions. Of course, you couldn't attend every session – but have no fear! In this session you'll hear from speakers and attendees what they found most valuable, as we recap the best information from the show.

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Lost & Found

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SEO Track

In this session, you'll learn how to go beyond basic schema or related microdata markup by using structured data markup to gain greater visibility outside of standard web search, and take full advantage of new marketing opportunities in mobile and conversational (voice) search. You'll hear new ideas for creating indexable apps, leveraging JSON–LD to push app content and actions to search results, the Knowledge Graph and more, and how to track your success using Google Tag Manager and other tactics.
Let's face it: SEO is more demanding in today's responsive publishing world. We'll explore how to manage large sites with complex databases and tons of content, ensuring that Google can efficiently crawl, index and rank all site pages.

This session will showcase best practices and provide a practical guide to technical SEO, covering topics including canonicals, crawl priority, AJAX, HTML5, rel next and prev tags, to dynamic URL management and pagination.
You've got questions. They've got answers. Come to this PowerPoint–free session, where representatives from Google and Bing answer questions on all things SEOs.
During this PowerPoint–free panel, veteran SEOs answer your questions about search engine optimization.

Got a puzzling issue? Wondering about a possible trend? Put it to the experts.

Mobile SEM & Paid Search Track

Mobile paid search is growing significantly for both AdWords and Bing Ads, and will soon account for half of all PPC traffic. As user behavior differs by device, so should your ads. Attend this session and you will learn tips and tactics to optimize your PPC accounts and maximize performance for mobile devices.
Smartphones and tablets are taking more prominent roles in the customer buying process, but mobile advertising leading to a conversion isn't necessarily a straightforward process. Mobile ads need to be written differently, landing pages need special consideration, tracking must be done without benefit of cookies – these are just a few of the differences between mobile and desktop advertising.

This session explores the unique nuances of mobile advertising. You'll learn the tactics and techniques that lead to successful mobile conversions.
Retargeting options abound for advertisers. But what's the best approach, and who's your best provider?

Hear from the search engines, third–party providers and advertisers who are retargeting for insights about your options and best practices for taking advantage of this powerful advertising technique.
Paid search continues to evolve at a lightning pace, even as both competition and spend continue to increase. Recently, Google shopping and PLAs gained new features, callout extensions debuted, dynamic sitelinks went global, Bing Ads Campaign Planner launched... the list goes on.

Come check in with advertising executives from the search engines as well as experienced search marketers as they discuss new trends and developments and field your questions about all things PPC.

Social Media Track

Search and social media may seem like two different species, but they have plenty in common. Combine your search and social media marketing efforts and teams and maximize results of both.

In this session, we'll show you how search and social marketing teams can use their unique skills and knowledge to help each other in paid, earned and owned marketing.
You're convinced: It's time to integrate your search and social efforts. The benefits are clear, and you have the teams and resources to do it. How to go about it?

In this session, our speakers discuss how they successfully integrated both paid and organic search marketing efforts with their social media campaigns.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, and provides a unique opportunity for marketers and retailers to touch customers with compelling, humorous or other dynamic content.

In this session, you'll hear case studies of how to leverage video assets to engage customers and broaden the reach of your online campaigns.

Analytics Track

To understand any marketing campaign, you must collect and analyze performance data. But unless you collect clean, structured data, no amount of analysis is going to help you improve things. In this session, you'll learn how to properly set up Google Analytics to track conversions and how to export that data into Google AdWords for analysis. You'll also come away with a deep understanding of the benefit of standardizing your manual campaign tagging for properly tracking display, email and social marketing efforts.
Analytics platforms range from free tools like Google Analytics to high–end packages from Adobe, IBM and others, with a huge number of alternatives in between. Each analytics platform has strengths and weaknesses, and it's common for marketers to use more than one.

In this session, our experts will share their favorite tools, why you should consider using them, and how to get them to play nice with each others' data.
Though Excel at its heart is just a "simple" spreadsheet program, it's also been referred to as the "Swiss army knife" of software thanks to its flexibility and the huge range of tasks you can perform with it. And just because it's "simple" doesn't mean it can't provide you with richly nuanced information, allowing you to slice and dice details of your marketing campaigns in almost infinite ways.

You'll leave this session with a new and greater appreciation for what Excel can do for you.

Clinic Track

Even the most knowledgeable SEOs are stumped sometimes. Volunteer your site and describe the issues you are facing, and our SEO rockstars will diagnose your challenges and offer specific actionable advice to repair or enhance your performance.
Got questions about how to deal with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media sites? We've got experts on hand ready to take specific questions from the audience.
Just like a vintage car, your paid advertising campaigns can use a tune–up every now and then to keep them running well. In this hands–on clinic, our certified (and certifiable!) SMX SEM Mechanics will offer you expert advice on your PPC ads, bidding tactics, and anything else on your mind.

Bring your toughest paid search questions! Based loosely on the jovial NPR radio program, Car Talk, this session is guaranteed to be as entertaining as it is informative!
Get expert advice about the link building challenges that are keeping you up at night. In this interactive session, we'll go live to the web and provide advice using your real–world examples.