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SMX Travel@PhoCusWright 2007: Orlando, November 12 & 13, 2007

SMX Conference Agenda - Day 1 - November 12, 2007

Agenda - November 12, 2007


How Consumers Use Search in Travel
The research is unambiguous. PhoCusWright documents that three-fifths of online travel shoppers rely on search engines as resources to research and plan, book and share their travel experiences. Understanding how consumers use search may hold the key to unlocking the potential of this dynamic marketplace. Our panelists from online consumer research specialists discuss how consumers use search and offer insights into how travel providers can reach out and connect successfully with searchers.

Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land

James Lamberti, Senior Vice President, Search and Media, Comscore
Lorraine Sileo, Vice President, Information Services, PhocusWright
Bill Tancer, General Manager, Global Research, Hitwise


Optimizing the Paid/Organic Mix: Successful Strategies for Maximizing Travel Search Marketing ROI
It's simple, right? Buy more keywords and maximize your return with more traffic. Whoa Nelly! Sometimes investing in organic optimization yields superior ROI. Get that paid/organic mix right and you're still at the mercy of search engine rankings, which impact your position of both paid and free listings. You'll leave this session knowing how to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEM activities and knowing what you can do to improve travel search marketing ROI.

Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land

David Feldman, Director, Client Services, iProspect
Cree Lawson, Founder & CEO, Travel Ad Network
David Zuls, Owner, Hawaii Online Advertising
Richard Zwicky, CEO, Enquisite




Choose one of these two sessions to attend.

Those Who Do...Tell: Effective Travel SEM Case Studies
Travel is a unique vertical within SEM. So are the strategies and tactics that make for successful SEM campaigns and marketers. In this session, you'll hear from top marketers who have tackled the issues and developed the methods that yielded success for their organizations.

Trent Blizzard, President, Blizzard Internet
Vic Dabricky, Account Director & Client Development, Range Online Media, Inc.
Jens Thraenhart, Executive Director, Marketing Strategy and Customer Relationship Management, Canadian Tourism Commission
Michael Winter, Media Director, Agency.com Ltd.

"How ya doing?" Critiques, Appraisals and Kudos from Travel SEM Experts
Working in cyberspace can be lonely. And good SEM practices are sometime sacrificed at the alter of corporate political agendas. Bare your cyber soul by volunteering to have SEM experts review your site. They'll provide instant, unbiased feedback you can't get at the office. Shy? Apply the wisdom given to other delegates.

Christine Churchill, President, KeyRelevance

John Ellis, Senior Online Marketing Manager, ResortQuest
Elisabeth Osmeloski, Director of Online Media, Zonder


Choose one of these two sessions to attend.

Social Media, The Long Tail & Web 2.0
Nearly half of consumers consult user-generated reviews when researching travel experiences. Whiles social media marketing can shine a powerful light on your destinations and service, the glare can be harsh if not skillfully managed. The long tail of search marketing can reach millions of potential customers, but the you may end up wasting time (and money) courting tire kickers if you're not attentive. And leveraging the options &151; social media, blogs and discussion boards (soooo Web 1.0) — can time-suck the resources out of an overworked marketing department. In this session, panelists examine the cutting edge trends and technologies, and suggest ways to exploit them and to avoid pitfalls that can bedevil the unwary.

Ryan Bifulco, President & CEO, OneTime
Marc Philips, CEO & Founder, SearchForecast
Jon Schepke, President, Strategic Internet Marketing Partners
Dena Yahya, General Manager, Strategic Internet Marketing Partners

"How ya doing?" Critiques, Appraisals and Kudos from Travel SEM Experts - Part 2
One session of free advice not enough? Attend Part II for more critiques, appraisals and kudos from our panel.

Elisabeth Osmeloski, Director of Online Media, Zonder

Benu Aggarwal, Founder and president, Milestone Internet
Ted Rooke Director, Search Engine Marketing, nurun |Ant Farm Interactive


Meet the Search Engines
Executives from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and several specialized travel search services discuss options and answer questions about how travel providers can gain and maintain visibility with their search marketing campaigns.

Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land

Sebastian Gard, Technical Search Evangelist, Microsoft
Mark Heynen, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google
Brad King, Senior Director - Travel Category, Yahoo Search Marketing


Cocktail Reception

SMX Conference Agenda - Day 2 - November 12, 2007

Agenda - November 13, 2007


Leading search and online travel companies will host workshops that cover a variety of the hottest topics for the search and online travel professionals. Take advantage of a more intimate setting to learn about the future trends and products that are most likely to affect your business. Attendance to these workshops is included in your registration.

Sponsors include:

Yahoo! Hitwise Comscore Lixto


Meet the Travel Meta Search Engines
Travel meta search engines allow consumers to compare fares from dozens or even hundreds of travel providers simultaneously, rather than going through a single OTA. Come meet the leaders pushing this disruptive technology that's empowering consumers (and threatening traditional providers and agencies) like no other technology has done in the past.

Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land

Krista Pappas, VP Business Development, Farecast
Drew Patterson, Vice President Marketing, Kayak
Sam Shank, Vice President, Sidestep


Competitive Research for Travel Marketers
Your competitors have top rankings in search results or paid listings -- how did they do it? Savvy search marketers know how to analyze and understand the online strategies and tactics of the competition, and then use this knowledge to rev up their own search marketing campaign to achieve even greater visibility to searchers. In this panel, experts discuss how they dig up valuable insights on the competition and maximize their own search marketing campaigns.

Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land

Shane Ettestad, Vice President, TravelCLICK, Inc.
Richard Zwicky, CEO, Enquisite

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