SMX West Theater Presentation Schedule

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San Jose, CA: March 11-13, 2014

SMX Theater presentations will be held noon to 7pm on March 11 and 10:00am-3:45pm on March 12. No presentations March 13.

All SMX attendees are invited to attend educational sessions from leading search marketing companies in the SMX Theater. Participating companies will present case studies, best practices and solution demonstrations. The schedule below tells you about the companies presenting and what they’ll discuss.

Remember, the SMX Theater is FREE to all attendees, including Expo+ pass holders. Don’t miss the valuable presentations in the SMX Theater on the Expo Hall floor Tuesday, March 11 and Wednesday, March 12.

Tuesday – March 11, 2013
Time Theater A Theater B

Bruce Clay, Inc.
Your Paid Search, Rocket Powered
Bruce Clay, Founder & President

In a recent case study of the PPCToolSet CPA Optimizer, a Google AdWords account running at +$1 million monthly spend saw 35% more clicks per day, 19% decrease in average CPC, 48% more conversions per day, and 25% improvement in cost-per-conversion. Ready to see what the CPA Optimizer can do for your paid search accounts?


Marin Software
Are You Maximizing Your Facebook ROI?
Dan Morris, VP, Sales

Whether you are new to Facebook advertising or a seasoned veteran, this presentation will help pinpoint the most effective advertising and optimization strategies to drive results against your social and financial objectives.


Page One Power
Link Building Stories
Jon Ball, VP of Business Development

Every link building plan has a story. We’ll share the successes and failures of 3 link building plans that Page One Power link builders did in 2013.


Smart Sites for the Multi-Screen World
Kemp Mullaney, Senior Sales Manager

There are more mobile devices on earth than people. Obviously, every business should optimize their web content for all devices. Learn about the challenges facing the web design industry today and discover a new solution that will allow anybody to easily create a stunning responsive website optimized for all devices.


Survey Says: In a Hyperlocal World, Make Sure Your Customers Find You First
Dan Weiner, VP of Product

You get the feeling that consumers can be frustrated with local search, but it’s hard to get a handle on the financial impact to your business. Dan Weiner, VP of Product at Placeable will share some recently completed research on how to optimize local search to be discoverable by your customers and how to protect your brand in a competitive world of geo-targeted offers.


Places Scout
Places Scout’s All-In-One Local SEO Solution and API SAAS Platform
Mark Kabana, Founder and CEO

A brief demonstration of Places Scout’s powerful all-in-one solution for keyword research, lead generation, competitive analysis, rank tracking, reputation monitoring, social media management, and more. We will also introduce the launch of the PlacesScoutAPI – a highly scalable SAAS platform for Places Scout that can deliver a wide range of valuable SEO data and reporting functionality for large-scale enterprise and multi-location clients



BKA Content
Content Marketing: 3 Tips to Making Content Stick
Greg Secrist, Founder & CEO

Content Marketing is all the rage right now, but are you creating content that is making a difference? In this presentation, we’ll go over some tips and tricks to help your content have more purpose so it can make a bigger impact on your clients.


What is Attribution?
David Perez, CMO

This presentation will address the misconceptions about attribution solutions, and clarify how all-inclusive the term truly is. It will also cover how companies that implement proper attribution models can not only determine the most effective mediums in their campaigns, but can also establish behavior patterns in their consumers that will allow marketers to optimize their strategies, reallocate budgets as needed, and ultimately increase their ad spend to drive the highest possible ROI.


GeoMarketing: The Mobile Call-to-Action
Daniel Blank, VP, Strategic Partnerships

There are 7 billion people using 10 billion connected things accessing hundreds of internet services. This connectivity actually makes the world smaller and more local – they still open bank accounts at local branches, shop at local stores, eat at local restaurants. And it means marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to reach customers with a local message based on where they are. The key to mobile is context, and marketers can create that with GeoMarketing.

In this session, learn how marketers can use local marketing to drive customers offline with GeoMarketing including:

· What information customers look for when choosing a location

· How mobile influences the local experience and how devices affect it

· How to add context to local marketing to convert customers

· Local mobile best practices

· Innovative new technologies enabling GeoMarketing


Majestic SEO
How To Do Link Building in 2014
Brian Bowers, Leads SEO at BB&T Bank & Majestic SEO Ambassador

Link building information enables you to improve your online marketing campaign and business strategy. So if you are a Fortune 500, mid-size company or small business, and want to know what type of link building will give you success, whilst protecting your brand in 2014, then you will be able to discover about how Age, Authority, Public links and trust impact on your link building.


Mobilizing To Conversational Search In 2014
Michael Martin, Organic and Mobile Search Manager

2014 brings to search and social a true mobilization and integration of personalization with time and location across devices as optimization refines to what your audience wants, when they want it, with how they want it.


The Power of Integration: SEO and PPC Can Work Better Together

Using an average of twelve content marketing tactics, 70% of marketers report they are producing more content than they did in 2013. The hurdles to success often include the inability to scale cost-effectively, eliminating glitches in the workflow and the need for supportive technology. Join us to discuss the best new tools, tips and tactics to drive your best content strategy in 2014.


The DNA of SEO in 2014
Matt Roberts, Founder & VP of Product/Marketing

Which brands are doing SEO really well and reaping the rewards? What are they doing and how can you learn from them to improve your own online performance?


Taking Your Campaigns to the Next Level
David Kelly, VP of Business Development

The power of paid online ads is undeniable. People clicking though to retailers sites from paid ads are 50% more likely to buy than those who clicked through organically. Uncover how you can stop wasting money testing ads and skyrocket the success of your online campaigns.


Stone Temple Consulting
Guest Posting Done Right
Eric Enge, CEO

Matt Cutts shocked the industry when he said “stick a fork in it” about guest blogging. Yet, guest posting should remain a viable part of a robust content marketing strategy. Join this presentation to see how to use it to build your business without arousing Google’s ire.


Maximizing International Opportunities
Immanuel Simonsen, Research Manager

We’ll take you on a journey around some of the world’s biggest internet markets and highlight the opportunities they present to international organisations. You’ll learn where to focus your efforts and how to maximize online investment to achieve big returns.


Wednesday – March 12, 2013
Time Theater A Theater B
10:00am – 10:20am     
10:20am – 10:40am   

Local SEO Blueprint for Multi-Location Brands
Bill Connard, VP of Local Search Solutions

We will be discussing the Top 3 Local Search Ranking factors that can dramatically increase search visibility for multi-location brands. The 3 factors that we will be covering are: User Experience, NAP Syndication and Local Data Validation, and Best Practice On-Page SEO. Join us to learn how your brand can take advantage of the local search ecosystem.


Self-Driving Car? Why Not A Self-Driving Agency?
Geoff McQueen, CEO

Google’s working on a self-driving car; what if you could have a self driving agency? If you are frustrated with manually coordinating proposals, projects, people, retainers and billing and having nothing connected to anything else that makes managing your business a chore with a lot of room for error, come and see the latest in automating professional services from someone who knows first hand what it takes to build a successful digital company.


Integrating Offline Analytics to Calculate True Paid Search ROI
Anna Jefferis, Senior Channel Partnerships & Business Development Director

Over half of purchases from paid search convert offline, and, 70% of mobile searchers use click-to-call. Without complete multichannel analytics, you may be making your decisions based solely on clicks, causing you to misjudge search performance. Learn how to complete your search analytics and close the loop on offline conversions, to get full credit for the traffic you are driving, and a true picture of your ROI.


Quality Score Techniques
Kurt Anagnastopolis, Co-Founder

If you seek better performance from PPC, Quality Score is the way. Google uses Quality Score to estimate how relevant your ads, keywords and landing pages are to those viewing the ads. Higher Quality Scores mean:

• Lower cost per click (CPC)

• Higher ad position

• More successful campaigns

In this discussion, learn from KeywordFirst co-founder and paid search expert Kurt Anagnostopoulos:

• How Quality Score affects you

• How Google calculates Quality Score

• How to check your Quality Score

• How to improve your Quality Score to drive more business


Connecting The World’s Workforce
Stephanie Leffler, CEO

This presentation discusses the current stats of the online workplace and how today’s workers can best connect with companies. Includes stats about freelance growth – such as 1 in 3 Americans are freelancers.


Content Marketing: Kill The Keywords, Fuel The Questions – 3 Steps To Get Started
Katherine Griwert, Head of Marketing Content & Communications

It’s really time for marketers to stop saying “Content for SEO,” and start saying “Content for business goals.” At the same time, search is an invaluable part of buyers’ online research landscape. In this presentation, we’ll discuss how Hummingbird gives us license to kill the keyword-centric content culture and create editorial that drives real-world results (while still performing in search). We’ll share 3 easy-to-get-started steps for rebuilding your content based on strategies that give you the right kind of attention online.


What’s missing from your performance marketing Strategy?
David Scacco, Senior Director of Advertiser Direct Sales & Development

Many search marketers are using retargeting to drive additional conversions for their performance campaigns. But performance targeting through real time bidding (RTB) also presents powerful opportunities to find new customers efficiently and at scale. In this session, David Scacco will discuss why performance targeting is an effective complement to your search campaigns.


Using Social Distribution To Dominate Audience Targeting, Customer Acquisition & SEO
Marty Weintraub, Founder & Evangelist

A social media field guide for marketers to NOT be left in the dust….YOU!


gShift Web Presence Analytics
Smart Content Meet Social Keywords
Malcom MacGregor, VP Sales & Marketing

Agencies have an opportunity to take the lead with Mobile Ready Content, as they drive the discoverability of brand content across search and social from any device to drive conversion.

gShift will share:

- Using Keyword Klusters™ in the content creation process and the work around on Google’s Hummingbird algorithm change

- How to use performance metrics to benchmark, measure and report on progress

- Why it’s not about ‘more’ content, but ‘smarter’ content as you optimize your content inventory around audience needs


5 Tactics to Drive PLA Success in 2014
Frank Kochenash, VP Products & Services

In this 30 minute session Mr. Kochenash will provide expert insight and tactical recommendations proven to drive a profitable product listing ad strategy.