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aimClear’s Social Content Distribution for SEO: The New Link Building

San Jose, CA: March 10, 2014

Social Content Distribution for SEO: The New Link Building

Combining paid and organic tactics is the way content gets distributed on social networks and how links get built in this post Penguin/Panda world…now that search engines use social signals in organic results…and social media networks charge for comprehensive distribution.

Attend this workshop being offered exclusively at SMX West and learn to use paid/organic social media to generate:

  • Links from high-authority sites
  • Authentic social signals from authoritative users
  • Targeted social traffic to content that converts

Paid/organic social content distribution and link building is the least understood and most powerful tactic in online marketing today. Marty Weintraub and the team at aimClear have pioneered the field. In this workshop you’ll learn:

Paid/Organic Tactics for Content Distribution: Deadeye Twitter and Facebook Targeting

Distributing your content by amplifying it to targeted users via social media networks is the least contested online marking opportunity today. Maximize your investment in content creation and drive targeted traffic that yields conversions, likes, and follows with social distribution.

Time was you could do that all for free, but no more. Financial pressures are forcing Facebook and Twitter to wring every last cent out of their networks. Now the only effective options for distributing content are paid, e.g. Facebook’s Page Promoted Ads or Twitter’s Promoted Tweets.

Attend and you’ll learn how to amplify content distribution with paid social by 2000X in 15 minutes for pennies. We’ll dive deep and cover topics like:

  • Mastering Social PR for SEO: Amplifying content to the media is a new staple of link building. aimClear invented paid/organic distribution to publications, bloggers, journalists, editors, morning show anchors and most every media role on earth. Learn to target them at specific publications from USA Today to Condé Nast. Previous attendees have stated that it’s worth the price of admission just for this module.
  • Practical Deployment of Multi-Channel Psychographic Targeting: Forget buzzwords like “Personas” and “Psychographics”. aimClear reveals Facebook and Twitter targeting for content distribution. Learn how to uncover and deploy powerful audience segments.
  • Techniques to Measure Psychographic Density of Your Community: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn don’t have surface tools to evaluate the interests of who has liked your profile. You’ll learn state of the art techniques your boss will love, to identify who’s who, and why they matter.

    …and much more.

Most of the afternoon is spent constructing campaigns, the real tactical stuff you must know! We’ll get our hands plenty dirty with the most common Paid/Organic ad units in Facebook (Page Post Ads, Page Like Stories, Facebook Partner Targeting and more!) and Twitter (Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Search Results).

Paid/Organic is Modern Link Building Google Loves…and Works

Pitching for links with email and phone calls is sooooo 2011! Learn to create more effective content and distribute it to receptive social segments.

Use this paid/organic strategy to build links and you’ll sail through algorithm updates… stress free. The techniques shared will insulate you from future Google inquisitions.

You’ll leave this seminar knowing how to:

  • Determine the ‘real value’ of “likes” and “shares” for SEO
  • Reliably generate social signals for SEO
  • Use Google+ to obliterate SEO objectives

We’ll teach you to mine often lightly contested keywords, advised by a colorful mashup of shopping, YouTube, and search suggestions. Use these newly discovered keywords to:

  • Leverage the “social tail” of search to expand your keyword bucket substantially.
  • Create optimized content for eCommerce, B2B, and B2C SEO.
  • Generate an adorable array of inexpensive mid- and long-tail search keywords for YouTube, Google, and Bing.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, which comes as a result of mapping social to search.

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Bonus offer: You’ll receive a free copy of “The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success”, Marty Weintraub and Lauren Litwinka’s newest book (Wiley/Sybex 2013).

Marty Weintraub
Search Marketing expert Marty Weintraub

About Marty Weintraub & aimClear

Marty is & Founder & Evangelist of aimClear® an integrated social, search, display, and PR online marketing agency. After piloting aimClear to INC. 500 status as CEO over the previous 6 years, he is now focused on guiding aimClear’s extensive internal and client training programs, defining agency vision, writing, speaking, networking, and studies. Client credits include Intel, Siemens, Tektronix, United Health Group,, The Washington Post, Ning, SecondLife & other iconic global brands. aimClear was named a top workplace place in Minnesota by Minnesota Business Magazine in 2012.

Marty’s Wiley/Sybex book, “Killer Facebook Ads,” (Wiley/Sybex 2011) was critically acclaimed as a harbinger to the psychographic targeting revolution. His second Wiley book, “The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success,” was released January, 2013 to critical acclaim.