San Jose, CA: March 3-5, 2015

San Jose McEnery Convention Center

Raves for SMX West…

"I’ve been doing SEO for almost seven years now, six of which were spent at an Inc. 500 SEO agency. In my time, I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of websites of different natures, such as lead generation, local, international, e-commerce, etc … I have had the luxury of testing out many different SEO strategies and software, and even still, I learned so much at the SMX West conference I attended. The presentations were strategy focused and actionable, the presenters were receptive to answering technical questions I had, and the networking experience was truly one of a kind. This was truly a first time experience for the record books and I look forward to attending many more in the future."

- Matt Dimock, iMarket Solutions

Received a tremendous amount of knowledge from some wickedly smart people! – Brandi Kloostra, Service Brands International

"SMX is a fantastic opportunity to stay in touch with the industry leaders and keep a pulse on the latest in search marketing. With an industry that changes so often, an event like this is crucial to the success of our business and the ability to keep our edge. This is also a great way to fast track new employees and bring them up to speed with the latest in search marketing trends, tips, and techniques. The addition of the yoga classes before the conference this year was one of my favorite parts! It brought a new level of balance and energy to the conference and enabled me to soak up and retain so much more information!"

- Allison Chaney, Bare Knuckle Marketing, Inc.

"Experiencing 1 degree of Danny Sullivan, Bruce Clay, Matt Cutts, Marty Weintraub, and other super stars was worth the price of admission.  But even more, I reshaped my understanding and and expression of what SEO means in today’s environment: “SEO is the application of a collection of Best Practices applied to your organic search campaign that provides visitors with the most rewarding experience.  It also meets the Search Engines’ requirements for indexing your website and your other Digital Assets in the most effective manner."

- Martin L Bloom (Marty),  Major League SEO & Traffic Bloom

"Of the many shows I’ve been to over the years, I found that SMX West was probably the best-planned and best-run show I’ve attended. Registration was handled smoothly by professional and friendly staff members. The tracks were not only planned out well in terms of timing and variety, but the team made sure that speakers started on time and ended on time, and provided ample time between sessions for interpersonal conversations and relationship development. The vendor floor was a perfect size (not too many exhibitors, and not too few), and we had ample time to walk around and get to know the exhibiting companies and their products/services without feeling rushed to make another speaking track. The food provided was good, and the After Dark event was a great time to continue getting to know new friends and colleagues. Overall, I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, attention to details, approachability and friendliness of everyone who was part of the SMX organizing team, and am looking forward to my next SMX event!"

- Tom Hobbs, Myers Media Group

"SMX West is hands down one of the best conferences for SEO and SEM managers due to the breadth of topics covered and excellent speakers talking about what’s happening *RIGHT NOW*. What really helps me justify attending this conference is the networking opportunities with the speakers and attendees. Each year I go to the conference with questions and I’ll meet multiple individuals who can help answer my question as well as provide a fresh perspective so that I can solve the issues at hand and have new tactics and ideas to take into my next fiscal year planning sessions."

- Christi Olson, Harry & David

"If you have never been to SMX West, you NEED to attend this great conference! Great networking opportunities, engaging and technical sessions, quality vendors in the Expo Hall, good food, and an overall amazing experience. What more could you ask for? Seriously, register today for SMX West…Why are you still reading this? Go, now, it’s for your own good, I promise!"

- Blake Denman, RicketyRoo Inc.

"I am extremely pleased that I had this opportunity to attend the SMX West Conference. Not only was it a validation of what we’re doing well, I learned valuable information that I am excited to share with my team. Thank you to the SMX West staff for a well executed and fun event!"

- Wesley Miller, Pro Athlete, Inc.

"SMX West was a well-packed conference with a lot of actionable information from genuine authoritative sources (Google, Bing) for search engine marketers and in-house SEOs."

- Alex Sun, Penske

"This was by far the best conference I have ever attended. My team has gained learning from SMX that will make us and many other companies millions in the coming years."

- Michael Bodnar, A-1 Locksmiths

"Received a tremendous amount of knowledge from some wickedly smart people!"

- Brandi Kloostra, Service Brands International

"SMX easily paid for itself within the first day based off the knowledge attained in the first few sessions alone. It offers great insight into internet marketing and a unique opportunity to network with influencers throughout the industry. I highly recommend it and will definitely be attending again."

- Mike Wilton, Plastic Surgery Studios

"SMX West gets better each year. It’s become a “must-attend” event for networking and getting the latest actionable insights from speakers and peers."

- Dana Lookadoo, Yo! Yo! SEO

"As usual, SMX didn’t disappoint. Great speakers, great session topics, and great people. And I even met a few exhibiting vendors that I’d never heard of before and may begin doing business with, which is was an added bonus! I definitely plan on continuing to attend SMX events in the future."

- Hugo Guzman, HSN

"The level of new information was great. I was challenged with advanced techniques and tips, and learned something new in each session. The connections I made were very valuable as well, as I’m able to collaborate with other experts on future projects. And the opportunity to meet and have lunch with a variety of experts was priceless as well."

- Allison Kulage, Bare Knuckle Marketing

"SMX West was an extraordinary experience. Excellent speakers, well managed, and entertaining. I met some very interesting people, made a new friend or two, and took away knowledge that I did not have before. I am an experienced SEO so learning something completely new and actionable is not usually expected but I was able to do just that at SMX West!"

- David Peters, Net Point Marketing LLC

"SMX really shines when it comes to providing a one-on-one opportunity to talk with the experts. The planned evening social events were also fun and productive. They helped me develop connections beyond a brief meeting which will be key to fostering actual business relationships."

- Angie Schottmuller, Interactive Artisan

"I found the keynote presentations to be interesting and innovative."

- Adrienne Frankenfield, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online

"…the opportunity to learn and discuss SEO with new friends and faces, plus the opportunity to meet industry experts. The birds of a feather tables are excellent."

- Catriona Orosco, Yardi Systems

"I learned a bunch. And I enjoyed the honest interviews. It was not all nicey-nicey."

- Deb Edgecombe, Creative Converting

"You’re up to speed with the industry within one week."

- Martin Koel,

"…there was the incredible buzz of excitment around all the latested thinking in the SEO industry. There were so many good take-aways, one is challenged to take advantage of them all."

- Eileen Scharenbroch, e Business Manager, Briggs & Stratton Corp.

"…the sessions easily paid for the investment. Can’t imagine a better way to learn from the best in the business, and network with those serious about staying on top of the SEO/SEM industry."

- Frank Barnett, Marketing Manager, Speech Privacy Systems

"Great information and great people who are dealing with many of the same issues…refreshing!"

- Andrew Brewster, Web Strategist, BV Consulting

"Great conference. I would definitely attend again. There were several instances where I had a very tough time deciding which session to go to."

- Jack Ogilvie, Search Engine Marketing Consultant, Radiant Systems

"Awesome conference, content was overall really good better than competing conferences. SMX West and Advanced are still my favorite of all the Search conferences.”

- Chris Bennett, President,

"Overall, a great conference. I really enjoyed the ecommerce session…"

- Marjie Trautt, Senior Online Marketing Analyst, Deck Internet Solutions

"Very informative and enjoyable conference."

- Joshua Tremblay, Manager, Operations & Optimization, TakePart/Participant Media

"An excellent seminar overall, there was an incredible array of speakers, see you again next year!"

- Mark Berns, IT Coordinator, UFCW 8-Golden State

"SMX is a fantastic conference – it is one of the few places where you can learn everything about the online industry."

- Steve Boymel, Vice President, Business Development, Farlex, Inc.

"SMX West never disappoints. The food was great, the swag was great and the sessions were informative."

- Eric Wu, Director of Product Management, SEO, AT&T Interactive

"SMX West was great – it got me very excited about SEO again!"

- Lynn Jon Dickerson, Internet Marketing Manager, Philips Lifeline

"I went to the Search Marketing Expo last week, and that was a whole new world for me."

- Robert Riggs, President, Robert Riggs Communications

Other SMX Events…

"Thanks for a wonderful conference this week in NYC. I’ve been raving about it to anyone who will listen. The topics were great, the discussions were really intelligent, the audience participation was high level. The peer-to-peer was dead on. Great job, can’t wait for the next one."

- Veronica Fielding, President, Digital Brand Expressions

"During the final day of SMX East…I sat in a fascinating session where search engineers from Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft all answered questions posed by the audience and filtered by moderator Danny Sullivan. I have, in my 5 years of search conferences, attended numerous sessions like this, but I must say that this was, if not the best one I’ve attended, very close to it. The questions were excellent and the responses were forthright, honest, direct and never condescending. It was not only refreshing to hear, but remarkably valuable."

- Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz

"This conference was phenomenal. Exhibitors and attendees were engaged."

- Barbara Reiner, Marketing Management’s Weblog

"Wow, SMX East in New York was really good! Great speakers, great subjects and great sessions. I especially enjoyed the more outspoken sessions, like ask the SEOs on Wednesday and What is Ethical Social Media Marketing on Tuesday…I’m positive we’ll be attending SMX regularly in the future, maybe as soon as coming November since there’ll be an edition in London around that time."

- Wouter Kiel and Siegfried Jongsma,

"I…walked out of many of the sessions feeling like the 20 or so tips I gained made the cost well worth it. In fact, there’s strong value there for most people."

- Will Reynolds, FeedFront Magazine, January 2009

"(SMX West producer) Third Door Media not only hit a home run, at this show, they took the cover right off of the ball. The place was packed but that’s only part of the point. The information was amazing but, that too is only part of the point. SMX felt different, vibrant. It was the little things included in the planning for SMX West that made a difference. Items like fresh fruit, blogging tables in sessions, free WiFi through-out the venue, specialized social networking games and the brilliant Search Marketing Bowl session made life far easier for attendees."

- Jim Hedger, Metamend

"SMX West was nothing but an experience. It was something you had to be in on if you wanted to extract any worth from. Did I learn a lot? Of course! Did I find some great things out? Of course! Will I share them here? NO! Get off your ass and get yourself to the next SMX event if you want to find out what’s up in the world of SEM."

- Eric Lander, Organic Search Optimization Manager, BZ Results / An ADP Company, and Associate Editor, Search Engine Journal

"If you have ever considered attending one of these events, I hope you will take my recommendation and make it happen. SMX offers so many great advantages in this industry, and it would be a shame to miss out."

- Peter Hamilton, Project Manager, ArteWorks SEO

"I wasn’t sure what to expect with SMX West as this was the first large SMX event. I heard great things about at last summer’s SMX Advanced from clients and friends but there was short notice to fit this event into annual budgets of attendees and exhibitors. Now that it’s over I can say that the event was a big success all the way around and portends well for the SMX brand."

- Jonathan Mendez, Founder, RAMP Digital

"I’ve known and worked with Danny since 1997. After 10+ years of attending and speaking at his conferences I still find them fresh, informative and essential. His writing is required reading to maintain an edge and insight into the search industry. Danny’s overall level of expertise and professionalism are only matched by his wit and whimsical approach as well as his stellar singing voice."

- Marshall D. Simmonds, Chief Search Strategist – The New York Times Company & CEO – Define Search Strategies

"SMX is a great experience for all levels of SEM/SEO professionals. This conference differentiates itself from other Search Marketing events with a clear division between SEO and SEM and focuses on advanced topics not normally covered in other conferences. The open discussion forum which included all major Search Engines presented an outlet for future industry needs and enhancements."

- Rudy DeDominicis, Search Marketing Specialist, Time Inc Interactive

"SMX Advanced was a resourceful and engaging conference consisting of intelligent speakers and an intelligent crowd."

- Julie Sun, Senior Manager of SEO, MTV

"SMX Local & Mobile was a fantastic conference experience that helped attendees combine today’s understanding of local and mobile search offerings
with tomorrow’s promise. It was the perfect blend of local search, mobile search and the Internet."

- Mark McCormack, Chief Marketing Officer, Call Genie

"At an SMX conference, you learn from the speakers and the other attendees, who are also some of the most battle-hardened search marketers in this business.
I got tremendous insights just hearing the questions they asked in the sessions, and in talking with them between sessions about challenges they face."

- Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster

The Press

"I…think it’s safe to say that SMX was a huge success. The close-knit group, the quality of information, and the lunches that kicked all other lunches’ butt…were top notch."

- Lisa Barone,

"My hat’s off to Danny Sullivan and the entire Third Door Media team for putting on a fantastic conference. In my opinion, SMX was easily one of the better, if not the best, conferences in our industry."

- Cameron Olthius, web strategy consultant

"First of all, SMX has been fantastic. Danny Sullivan and the incredible team at Third Door deserve some huge congratulations. This is obviously going to be a great series of conferences…"

- Abhilash Patel, RankLab Search Marketing