Tactics To Increase Facebook Reach & Engagement

November 8, 2012 by Chris Sherman

To be liked is good, but to be deeply engaged with your customers is the ultimate goal with Facebook marketing. Genuinely connecting with “your” people in the world’s largest social media network is the focus of Tactics To Increase Facebook Reach & Engagement at SMX Social Media Marketing.

Tami Dalley, Vice President of Analytics and Insights, Buddy Media, will discuss recent research by Buddy Media / Salesforce that analyzed strategies for effective wall posts. User engagement was analyzed from more than 1,800 Facebook pages from the world’s largest brands for two months after all brands were moved to Timeline (April 1 – May 31, 2012). Data-driven best practices will be shared from this research.

Lisa Grimm, Senior Social Media Strategist, Imagination, will show examples of how General Mills uses Facebook, what works an what doesn’t, touching on content, conversation, paid amplification, leveraging user-generated content and cross-channel integration.

Annalise Kaylor, Director of Social Media, Intrapromote will talk about the important of tactics fitting into an overall strategy to be successful on Facebook. She’ll discuss how some brands “engage for the sake of engaging” and not walk through the process of working backwards from a strategic goal. She’ll also touch on using Facebook for mining the data that fits into a brand’s strategy.

Tactics To Increase Facebook Reach & Engagement is just one of more than a dozen sessions, in addition to two keynotes, from Twitter and Google. You’ll enjoy great lunches, networking receptions and free internet access in your ARIA guest room and conference session rooms.

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