Live @ SMX West: What Would Google Do?

January 29, 2013 by Chris Sherman

As search marketers, it’s a question we all eventually ask (often a lot!): How does Google make the policies that determine the best of the best to display those precious results, valued by searchers and marketers alike?

At the upcoming SMX West in San Jose Google has graciously agreed to provide candid answers to the questions many of us consider and sometimes agonize over (hat tip to Jeff Jarvis, author of the estimable book What Would Google Do?).

You won’t want to miss Evening Forum – Walk A Mile In Google’s Shoes: Dealing With Tough Calls In Search with Google search policy specialist Patrick Thomas. Thomas is one of the key people involved in the difficult decisions Google has to make and the careful balancing act it has to maintain to please all of its important stakeholders.

Such as?

Well, as a search marketer, you obviously want good visibility in results. You also want to avoid penalties due to algorithm updates or inadvertent “over-optimizing” mistakes. Through your own experience and keeping up with developments on news and analysis sites like Search Engine Land you’ve probably got a pretty good handle on the dos and don’ts for the sites you maintain. But remember – you’re competing with other prominent voices clamoring for Google’s attention – and the influence they exert, possibly unknown to you, may very well have consequences that can have a meaningful impact on your success.

“Google should remove links to pirated content!,” cries Hollywood. “Censorship!”, cry internet activists. “Google should ban spammy web sites!,” cry searchers. “Google should remove certain negative results for a politician, a company, a person,” some might think, only to have others view any meddling as some type of overt bias.

For every action Google might take, there might be an equally negative reaction or repercussion. That’s why the company thinks carefully about any search policy it puts into place. And when it acts, you can be sure some will be pleased, and others will be deeply unhappy.

Join us for this enlightening evening forum at SMX West on Monday March 11, as Google’s Patrick Thomas discusses the company’s policy process, and offers insight into how you can navigate potentially treacherous shoals as Google continually responds to crosscurrents and updates how it deals with the flow of the world’s information – including yours.

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