SMX Advanced Keynote: You&A With Google’s Webspam Chief Matt Cutts

April 4, 2013 by Chris Sherman


If you’ve been doing search marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of Matt Cutts. As head of Google’s webspam team, Cutts and crew are charged with determining what constitutes “quality” content that’s worthy of prominent exposure in search results. They also work diligently to weed out poor content, and make sure that anyone trying to game Google’s algorithms feels swift and certain consequences.

During the You&A With Matt Cutts interactive keynote conversation at SMX Advanced, Matt will have a wide-ranging discussion with Search Engine Land founding editor Danny Sullivan about how Google makes those qualitative judgments, how they’re deeply interwoven into Google’s technology, how and when humans get involved, and generally, how you as a publisher can get (and remain) in Google’s good graces.

And who knows: You may even learn why Matt told author Steven Levy in the book “In The Plex” that his wife is “still known as the porn cookie lady at Google.”

Best of all, this keynote conversation is deliberately called You&A With Matt Cutts because Matt will welcome your questions, and judging from his past You&A sessions at SMX Advanced his answers will be incredibly informative and useful, and also highly entertaining.

You&A With Matt Cutts is just one of more than two-dozen info-packed sessions designed exclusively for experienced marketers only. Check out the agenda for SMX Advanced and register now!

Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle!