Go Global with Social: Tips & Tactics for International Social Media Wins

October 30, 2013 by Akvile Harlow

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Marketers all over the world are tearing their hair out at the challenges social media is bringing to their marketing efforts…and that’s just when they are trying to do it in one language and one country.

Scaling social media activities – which need to be engaging, relevant, and often real-time – is not an easy task, but something that global organizations simply must consider if they want to grow an effective online presence.

The International Social Media Summit @ SMX Social will provide delegates with a wealth of takeaways and tactics to apply to their own campaigns, delivered through a combination of teaching, practical exercises and group discussions.

These are just some of the key areas covered throughout the day:

  • Beyond Facebook & Twitter: Key Local Social Networks
  • Case Studies: Global Brand Social Wins and Social Fails
  • Social-Network-Logos

  • Developing a Multilingual Social Strategy
  • Paid vs Organic – Driving Social ROI
  • Automating International Social Campaigns
  • How to be Social with Blogs, Videos and Apps

Check out the full agenda and join us in Las Vegas, November 19.

This is a must attend event for anybody involved in global social media projects – from planning to execution to reporting and will allow you to dig deep into the issues and get the answers to your most burning global social questions!

Limited seats available! Register now or contact us at registration@searchmarketingexpo.com to add the workshop to your SMX Social Media Marketing pass.